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10 twinkling décor elements to add zing to your wedding.

Wedding in India is not just an event for celebration of two souls coming together, it’s a festival that is no less than a carnival. Everybody gets into action months before the wedding so that no stone is left unturned to make the wedding a gala affair. Not only does the bride need to look good but also the house, after all it’s the shaadi wala ghar (and believe us, it’s equally fussy). Here we bring some unique and trendy décor elements (other than flowers and drapes, apparently) that you can incorporate in your wedding.

1. A little extra attention to the Walls

No matter it’s an open air wedding or an interior event, false walls are created – behind the stage, at the photo-booth, at the bar counter or even at any random spot just for the aesthetic pleasure. You can have a mosaic jaali or a caged wall, flower or leafy backdrop, or a well lit wooden wall.

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2. Let Fairy lights do the magic!

Lighting is a magical element that adds magnetism to an evening décor. The versatility of fairy lights comes in handy for enhancing the minimal décor at the wedding.



3. Dream catchers are the coolest

Well, dreams catchers are the coolest and the trendiest of all the elements. They can be incorporated in the outdoor as well as indoor events. Depending upon the theme, they can be colourful or in a single hue. You can also have gota dream catchers for your mehendi décor if you wish to keep it completely desi.



4. Get all traditional with Bangles and Gota

Bangles signify femininity – and every girl loves them. Whether it’s the colours, the sound or the delicacy of the bangles that amuses us. Perhaps this is why brides like including bangles in their mehendi décor – as a chandelier, hangings, stall display or in a tokari at every corner. Gota patti is not just limited to the dress and jewellery, it’s taking up the décor segment too at the wedding.


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The Rani Pink Room at Rani Pink Studio 3


5. Pro with Paper Origami

Add a little high school charm to your décor with some crafty and DIY shots. Various small to high-end weddings have had origami and paper DIYs as the primary element of décor but only at mehendi or haldi function (not for the main wedding).

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6. Lighting up with Candles

The most traditional element of décor, candle cannot be missed out. No matter how traditional or sophisticated your wedding milieu is, candles can be befitting anywhere. If you are reluctant to light up actual flame, you can get artificial candles too. They look equally enchanting and effective.

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7. Some earthy charm of Woods and Burlap

For someone who loves everything rustic, wood is the best option to go for. Instead of synthetic or satin drapes, use burlaps for wrap-around purpose. It’s the texture of the woods and burlap that adds earthy charm to the entire set-up. Benny Dayal opted for the similar décor theme for his wedding.

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8. Get creative with Kaleere

A Punjabi bridal look is incomplete without kaleere hanging down from her wrist. But Kaleere have taken an essential place in the décor segment too.

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9. Drape it like Cabanas

Cabanas can be incorporated in the wedding set up for an Indian wedding too. Having a cabana set up for the bride at the mehendi is very conventional these days but you can have 3-4 of them for guests too or a bigger one in which all your friends and family can accommodate. You can also incorporate it in your wedding set up too if you have an outdoor event.

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10. Get a wedding wagon

The wedding décor is incomplete without a funky wedding wagon at the venue. From cycles and rickshaw to scooter and auto, people like to experiment with the options. Some people set it up at the photo booth and some like having fun riding it around. Even Geeta and Bhajji had a decorated rickshaw at their wedding, so did Kishwar and Suyash.

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