10 Unconventional Ideas To Make Your Bachelorette Unforgettable For Your Friends.

What’s the most interesting aspect of a wedding for the to-be-weds and their friends? Yes, you guessed it right. Bachelorette or the bachelor party is like a brisk rejuvenation after the months of frenetic preparation and planning. Especially for bride-to-be and her bridesmaids, they deserve an amazing bachelorette which is every maid of honour’s responsibility. But a bachelorette party doesn’t have to be the stereotypically outlandish and kinky. Here’s bringing some amazeballs ideas for having a memorable bachelorette.

  1. Go Camping
  • Why does a bachelorette have to be at a fancy night club? Plan an excursion into the wild. Rub some dirt on your face and bring that untamed you out.


  1. Old-school Sleepover
  • One super-economical idea and a great excuse to binge-eat ice cream sundaes. You may book a hotel room/suit if you wish to splurge a little more. Make it as whimsical and girly as possible like the one you used have as a teenager-nostalgic and reminiscing at the same time.


  1. Play Paintball
  • Get into your teenage outfits and go out for a paintball battle. Enrobe a fiery teenager avatar to bring out the craziness. You can paint the town red quite literally and nobody’s bugging.


  1. Crazy Cos-play Shoot
  • Cos-play is fun! So why not plan a shoot with your bride tribe? Everybody is going to be on phone anyway – clicking, posting – so just take it a notch higher and make it all about photos. Hit the photo studio trying all crazy, over the top costumes and poses.


  1. Go for Adventure Sports
  • I mean come on, who doesn’t like adventure sports. Sky-diving, bungee jumping, paragliding or any adventurous sport of your choice. Even if somebody in your squad is a little weak-kneed, the bride’s wish is a command for every bachelorette.


  1. Binge Watching Movies
  • Watching movies can never be a bad idea. Make a list of fun Rom-Com films you wish to watch with your besties. A bucket full of popcorn, chips, dips and gelato are must-haves with movie sessions.



  1. A Road Trip
  • Road trip is always the best idea when planning anything with friends and mains. Just prepare a playlist to add a musical charm to your trip. Take a cue from Zinadagi na milegi dobara and plan one today if you are looking for an amazing bachelorette idea. We girls can out-do guys when it comes to having fun, you know that.


  1. Play Poker
  • Create your own Vegas at your place with great food and drinks. If you don’t know how to play poker, you can learn it on youtube and you are a pro after 2, 3 games. It’s a great game and a good way to make little money, or graciously lose to the bride.


  1. Team up With the Boys
  • There is no hard and fast rule that a bachelorette has to be gender exclusive. If you and your significant half have same group of friends it will be double the fun to celebrate it together. A pool party with your whole bunch of crazies – believe it or not, it’s gonna be a blast.


  1. Fun Gaming
  • Gaming is fun! Shouting, cheering and celebrating the win and defeat at the same time. Bowling, go-karting, etc – ooo! I can feel the excitement already. Don’t think, just go and have fun.


Diksha Bhandari

Diksha Bhandari

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