We all know that most men are often clueless when it comes to the most basic and obvious things in life. Have you been in the longest relationship of all time and have been waiting for an eternity for your man to pop the question? Take over the driving wheel and steer things your way so that you both don’t die old and single. Here are some fun(ny) ideas for your ideal proposal..


  1. For the Marketing Wiz

If your man works as a marketing wiz and is probably more familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint than with your bra strap, you already know how to catch his attention. Make a proposal PPT full of relationship SWOT Analysis and Crisis Management. We’re sure this proposal will get you proper funding.



  1. For the Adventurous One

What spells out adventure better than a treasure hunt? Prepare a treasure hunt for him with clues leading to the ring. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?



  1. For the Movie Buff

When your man is a movie buff, the best way to pop the question is simple. You can make a movie documenting your relationship with the help of two friends. Show the couple growing old together with a small message at the end saying “This is how I have our lives planned out. Want to take the first step towards it?”. The ideas are infinite so let your imagination run wild.



  1. For the Old School Junkie

Wanna keep things old school? Old school is defined by Mixtapes. Since we don’t have cassettes anymore, you could maybe use a CD or pen drive. Throw in his favourites with a self-sung song or short message asking him to marry you. You could also stand under his house with a boom-box, blaring “your song” and scream out the question so the world knows.



  1. For the One who loves Grand Gestures

If your man loves grand gestures, organize a Flashmob for him with all of your close friends and family with a pre-decided destination. Pop the question with his POPS!

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  1. For the Loud Mouth Hater

When your man calls you a loud mouth and thinks you can’t keep things to yourself, maybe it’s best to prove him right! Make his mom call him and tell him that she heard that the two of you are getting married. His expression will be priceless and your loud moth will pay off for once.



  1. For the Stay-At-Home Kinda Guy

This is probably the most low budget proposal idea ever. Use fairy lights to spell out “Marry Me?” on a wall and watch his face light up!



  1. For the Streamer

If your boy is a YouTube streamer or streams of his own website, propose to him in a live stream. Inform your friends and family in advance, so that they catch the proposal live. This works best for people who are in long-distance proposals.



  1. For the Sporty Enthusiast

When your man is a sports enthusiast, organize a picnic with friends or family. Decide to play a sport like cricket or soccer – let the men play the sport while the girls join the cheer squad. Fix your cheer routine ending with the girls holding up placards that say “Will” “you” “marry” “me?” while you kneel down on one knee with a ring. Cute, no?

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  1. For the Dedicated Corporate Guy

Are you sick of your man being too caught up with work all the time? Get his work colleagues to call for a fake-meeting where you surprise him in his office with a proposal!



  1. For the Comic Geek

Of course you’ll propose with a customized comic strip, that goes without saying!


Now go ahead and propose like a boss!

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