Meeting her dad for the first time?

Meeting your girlfriend’s father for the first time is a pretty big event. She may have taken her time to tell him about you but now that she has, here are five things you must get right to earn those much needed brownie points from your would-be father-in-law.

The Attire.

Make sure you understand that this is neither your bro-meet nor is this a work meeting. Keep your attire semi-formal. I’d advise not to choose ceremonial ethnic wear either.

The Attire

The Rules.

Ask your girlfriend about the common rules of the house. They could be anything from leaving your shoes at the entrance to putting a coaster under the glass. Respecting a man’s rules is the best way to earn his respect.

The Rules

The Talk.

If you’ve made it this far, that only means he agreed to meet you too. Talk to him just like you’d talk to your dad. Be casual, discuss various topics of his interest, give your balanced opinion and build a conversation. Know him more as person while giving him a glimpse of your own ideology.

The Talk

The Tone.

This again can be a bit of a pickle. See to it that your tone doesn’t come across as rude or boisterous, but make sure it isn’t too meek either lest he takes you for a wuss. Keep your tone firm enough to put your point across and not seem disrespectful.

The Tone

The Bonding.

Stay humble and leave whatever ego you have at the entrance. Your name and position can take a backseat for a day. Don’t confuse his banter with insults. Be a sport and keep up that sense of humor. Everyone likes a good laugh and he’s no exception either.

The Bonding

Get these five right and put your girlfriend’s mind at ease that her father is at least okay with you. Give it some time and more practice and he might just start liking you. Might.

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