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The Valentine’s Day Aftermath

So now that the Valentine’s day has passed and you’ve cashed in all your romantic chips, what next? Your other half was probably overwhelmed with all that love and now expects it to persist forever. But you know that isn’t possible. So here are a few ways to keep up the romance all year round and beyond.

Shower Her With Compliments.
The home decor seems amazing? Let her know. She has had a long week at work? Appreciate her efforts. You liked that lunch she prepared? Tell her. It’s important to let your woman know that not only is she amazing at what she does but also the fact that nothing goes unnoticed by you.


Show Your Love Every Now And Then. Everyday.
Pampering her doesn’t always require those hefty gifts or too much of your time. A few gestures as simple as a kiss or a hug are affectionate enough for her. Keep them coming in bulk. They’re never enough.


A Bi-Weekly Date Night.
Of course we all have very busy schedules. Your project might take up your time while she puts in all her efforts on her assignment. But make sure you take her out every second week. This is important for both of you. Trust me.


Engage In A Fun Activity.
Run your imagination wild over this one. You could do a karaoke or play a board game. Maybe dance all night to her favorite playlist. This activity needs to be fulfilling to both of you so keep an open mind.


Actively Partake In The Chores.
So you probably kept her off the trivial stuff and prepped everything yourself this Valentine’s day. Why not make it a habit? This is something that she’d really appreciate. Selflessly help her out with the household stuff and be the man she really deserves.


Expression of your love for her shouldn’t be limited to a day, and how can it be since you yourself know you love her so much more… Go on, let there be love.

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