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Get Fit For Your Wedding Without The Gym

Every person deserves to be in their best shape at their wedding because after all, the wedding album’s going to reflect upon them for the rest of their lives. Thus, it’s only logical that fitness is made a priority from the word go. Here are a few exercises that, if followed correctly, should get you in perfect shape for your big day without having to spend on those pricey gym memberships.

1. Stretch

For someone who has never been into fitness, it is important that you get your body ready to be worked upon. Stretching helps activating all dormant muscles to action and lets your body get loose. Targeted stretching also helps you improve flexibility and tone up your body shape.

2. Cycle

When was the last time you cycled? Cycling is amazing to tone your legs and abdomen. You have no idea how exhausted you’ll feel after the first session but I assure you, it gets better with time.

3. Plank

If textbooks couldn’t make you understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, plank would. This exercise looks deceptively simple and is sure to make you feel the crunch. Start with 20 seconds and increase accordingly. You’d feel your core and torso develop every second.

3. Stairs

There’s a reason why Kung Fu Panda is fat. All you gotta do is go opposite. Befriend the stairs. A few rounds of your building should help work those calves and give you enough cardio.

4. Squats

What if I told you that our childhood punishment was actually beneficial to us? Squats are an all rounder. They work your legs, abdomen and back. If you go slow and keep your form right, your body should respond after every session.

5. Pull Ups

This one’s tough and probably would require a partner in the beginning but I kid you not, pull ups would work wonders for you if done right. They constantly develop your core strength and back.
pull up
6. Push Ups

The oldest trick in the book, push ups help you develop just about any upper muscle depending upon your palm placement. Form is the key to get this one right.
push up
7. Diet

Dieting doesn’t mean not eating. It only means selective eating. Consult a nutritionist to understand your body’s calorie requirement and share your workout schedule with them. All your hardwork would be in vain if a proper diet isn’t maintained.
Let’s be honest, most of us are not going to be in our best shape post 30. So it only makes sense to get it right once and let the wedding albums speak for us later. And if you do follow these exercises, give your body 4-6 months of regular training. Don’t expect results immediately, be resilient. I assure you that the hardwork will pay off. Go and train to be the best version of yourself. All the best.

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