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5 Interesting Inspirations for a Quirky Wedding Invitation!

Your wedding isn’t only limited to those four-five days of grand celebration. It starts the second your invitation reaches your prospective guests. Your invite speaks for the two of you and the fun you’re offering at the ceremonies. So it only makes sense that you’d want your card to look different as well as interesting! Here’s five such interesting inspirations for your quirky wedding invitation that should bring a smile to your guests!

The Techie Way.

How about you talk in keyboard shortcuts to let them know what they’re in for? Go crazy with your digital and binary adaptations to paper and put in those codes for your guests to decipher. But don’t get too carried away and technical lest they’re unable to follow your invitation all the way!
For the techie
The Flowchartists.

Your guests kinda messy at decision making, so much so that you gotta help? Then make a flowchart for them to follow that makes your point loud and clear. This invite is interactive as well as fun and should be something they’d remember for a long time to come!
For the insistent
The Guzzlers.

You know their priorities so your approach is straightforward. Free drinks! Who doesn’t like one, or two or who cares as long as it’s free? Set the invites out with a note for all to remember and look forward to!
For the boozers
The Application Form.

People enjoy filling interesting forms that tingle their funny bone. Make your wedding invite one. Put down questions with checkboxes that are sure to leave them in splits and wondering!
D. Would you be interested in gifting me a Lamborghini?
Yes ___         Definitely Yes ___
For the organized
The Movie Buffs.

There are two kinds of people: Movie lovers and liars. And if you too feel that your love is no less than the love portrayed on the silver screens, then now is your chance to let everyone know. Get your creative juices flowing and bring in all plots to get this one right. It’s your wedding scene after all.
For the movie buff
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