Some supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pictures that you must click with your Bridesmaids.

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You know what, your wedding isn’t special just for you, BTW. Your friends are equally excited and bloated with happiness that YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED. So, you gotta engulf them too in this whirlwind of awesomeness that you are going to experience.  They are going to be the part of your wedding, for sure but how about a pre-wedding Bridesmaids’ shoot?

Your gallery is full of selfies, groupies and pouts of different shades of red, we know but wedding memories are ones in a lifetime.  But you should have an amazingly eccentric album setting a bench mark for the gen-x.

Check out these ‘must have’ squad pictures for more inspiration that would add extra spice to your wedding album.

  1. Twirl
  • It’s a wedding album with no twirling picture, dude #NotDone.

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  1. Queen Of Hearts
  • You are a queen of hearts so one picture like this is a must. You deserve all the hugs and kisses in the world.

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  1. Crazy Indian Goddesses
  • Go crazy, go godly!

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  1. Drunk Till The Dawn
  • Jashn ki sham bina jaam, #BahutNainsaafiHaiRe.


  1. Signs And Slogans
  • Quirky slogans and funny dialogues on signboards.


  1. Cinderella Run
  • Set choreography on one of your favourite fairy tales and give it a personal touch and twist.


  1. Like A Boss
  • Wear confidence on your face, pose like a diva and add a pinch of #Swag – it’d do just perfectly.

14642245_883259171807302_2423278501519854409_n 15047001_235737186856996_1125593907602653184_n

  1. Line And Align.
  • Personify the grace with that right hint of poise. A poster worthy picture is a must in your wedding album.

6tag-2063807217-1450720306418499453_2063807217 Indian-Bridesmaid-Threads-WeRIndia3

  1. Your Candid Catch
  • There’s no end to the wedding shenanigans that your friends gonna throw, so ask your cameraperson to capture all the memories raw and candid.


So, these are some ah-mazing pictures that we feel you must get clicked at your wedding. If you have something more supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, send us in at blog@wedzo.in and we would love to feature it.

Diksha Bhandari

Diksha Bhandari

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