2 States, One Love Story – Manvi and Tamonash

Who says films are unreal? Cinema is the reflection of reality onscreen. Tamonash Mazumder and Manvi Bhargava’s is an out-and-out Bollywood tale – 2 States exemplified. There it was north and south coming together, here it is East (West Bengal) coupling with West (Rajasthan).


Here’s what Manvi has to say about her ‘moment of click’ – “We met in Bangalore, Tamonash was senior to me and I just came to Bangalore to work. We met each other through a mutual friend. Initially I didn’t notice him much on 2-3 meeting/interaction. Then one day I saw him while he was coming back from a football match and I remember he was in a white shirt – that was the moment it clicked.”

It’s the digital age and a love story is incomplete without social media playing cupid in it – “I tried to avoid him in office and that’s when Facebook becomes a cupid. We started chatting online, spending time with together and eventually started liking each other’s company.”


Well, well, well! Their pursuit of happy ending was an uphill battle like every Bollywood story. It ain’t easy to convince Indian Families for Inter-cultural Marriages. But as Paulo Coelho said “When you want something (truly) all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

“I still remember it was one of our friends birthday, we were supposed to go to Lucknow for celebration but Tamonash went to Jaipur instead to speak to my parents. He spent a whole day with them. I kept waiting and hoping for things to go smoothly. I have no idea what this guy told my parents that they were bowled over by him in their first face-to-face itself. “


Manvi says, “Since then we have been planning our wedding and excited to start a crazy new life together.”


They had their pre-wedding photo-shoot in Ladakh, Wedzo’s favorite place. Here’s presenting #LoveInLadakh:










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  1. Such a great post, nice article, amazing photography… and overall cute couple. All the best Manvi and Tamonash 🙂

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