Why Have a Destination Wedding?

So we have all seen some fantastic destination weddings on screen and quietly wished within to have the same for us. But amidst all these grand city weddings, why should one opt for a destination wedding anyways? Well, because it’s clearly the better option and here’s why…

The Much Needed Getaway for Everyone.

You’ve been working for months managing hectic official work and daily chores and thus, you deserve that much need break from all the fuss. So do your loved ones! A destination wedding provides all your guests a pleasant getaway from their mundane lives and make it all much more fun for everyone!
You Deserve All The Love.

So you’ve always dreamt of an Indian wedding with a grandeur that matches your classy taste for elegance, and that’s exactly what a destination wedding offers with so much more. Relax with your loved ones and be treated like the diva you aspire to be on your big day.

Breathtaking Locations and Stunning Decor.

Having a destination wedding gets you a scenic landscape in terms of location and architecture that automatically makes everything look so much better. Couple all that with a number of decor themes to choose from and it all becomes even more fantastic!
Brilliant and Easy Management.

Unlike regular weddings, destination weddings tend not to keep anything for the last minute and hence all vendors involved are managed a lot better and prepared beforehand. Wedding planners are very helpful in this regard.
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Actual Interaction with Guests.

The Indian weddings are known for guests who come, greet, have food and leave. But since your guest list is very limited, a destination wedding turns out to be very different since the guests actually get to spend a lot more quality time with the wedding couple over the days and hence is more interactive and a lot more memorable.
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Not That Costly.

Trust me when I say this, destination weddings aren’t necessarily expensive. It all depends on what destination you choose, how long is your guest list is and various other dispensable requirements. Everything sorted and taken care of early makes destination wedding the best experience for everyone involved without burning a huge hole in your pocket.
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A destination wedding is not just a ceremony, but an experience of a lifetime. It becomes a bundle of memories to cherish for years to come not only for you but also for your loved ones. And to get the best possible deals for your destination wedding, contact Wedzo and let us simplify your wedding!

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