3 Ways A Bride Can Pamper Herself

Every girl anticipates her D-Day like crazy. She has butterflies in her stomach. She may even lose her sleep. Oh – and she smiles so much that it hurts her cheeks. It’s a beautiful feeling and is certainly one of the most special occasions of her life – and we can’t help but agree with this.

Naturally, the bride-to-be would love to have the spotlight on her always. And well, she also wants to look her best not only while taking the wedding vows but also at all her marriage ceremonies – be it “mehendi ki rasam”, “sangeet sandhya” or the reception.

So yes – getting ready is her biggest responsibility. In fact, that’s her only job and so she has to rock it. So where do the preparations begin? They start with some pampering. Shopping for everything bridal is already so exhausting. The whole “marriage” thing is nerve-wrecking.

So before the wedding festivities, it is important for the bride to pamper herself. From haircare to manicure-pedicure, she needs to get everything in place to literally look like a beaming princess. So what are the must-haves for a bride-to-be?

Here is our small but effective list:

1. Facial for a glowing skin

Thanks to pollution and the kind of stressful life we all lead, our skin starts to age faster than it normally should. With this ritual, the bride-to-be will have a fresh and youthful skin. Facial enhances the look and texture of the skin, hydrates it and leaves a baby-like touch.


It also fights signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, the bride much get cleansing, exfoliating and scrubbing done properly to ensure a glowing skin. Serums and face masks should be picked after much consideration. They should have maximum positive impact on the skin.

2. Hair spa for healthy tresses

Say bye-bye to dull and lifeless hair with a short hair spa session. The only point here is that hair texture differs from person to person. Therefore, go for a hair spa treatment that goes absolutely soft on the bride’s hair.

One of the most important elements of the bridal attire is the hair. So the bride has to take more precautions to ensure her hair look glossy, strong and shinier. A hair spa usually involves oil massage, shampooing of the hair and application of hair mask for a certain period of time.


If you want to get a treatment done for the hair, then it is a longer process – a more intensive one – which comprises conditioning and treating dry, spoiled and frizzy hair. So if the bride feels she needs to invest her time in such a hair treatment, then she must – because the results will be glamourous.

3. Manicure and pedicure for hands and feet

This treatment is perfect when the bride wants her hands and feet to be dirt free and clean. Usually, this involves a mix of natural butters, pure essential oils and sweet smelling bath bombs which could be of any flavour.

A rather fruity liquid is used to clean and scrape the hands and feet and to remove dirt particles and instill softer, healthier and younger skin. It’s a 90-minute process wherein the hands and feet are properly soaked, clipped, filed, scrubbed and massaged.


Manicure and pedicure helps in lessening dead skin build-up, dryness and dehydration. Soothing, soft and re-energised features is what the bride is going to get post this amazing treatment.

No bride-to-be should allow the humdrum of wedding preparations wreck her skin and hair. It is necessary to take some time out and visit a salon. After all, whatever preparations are going on, they are all for the bride-to-be. Therefore, she must pamper herself nice and proper. She has earned it. She deserves it. Good luck!

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