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5 effective ways to avoid having cold feet before the wedding!

Every guy has cold feet from time to time before the big decisions of his life but nothing compares to the days right before the wedding. And to not let it get the better of you, here are five ways to stay calm and composed.

1. Remember why you got into it in the first place.


Lets go down that memory lane and reminiscence about all those lovely things she used to do that melted your heart away. Go through those pictures and think of all the good times you’ve had and the future plans you’ve made. You both have dreamt of a life together and that’s all you gotta keep in mind.

2. Remove the clutter and noise from your thought process.


You’re in the middle of the biggest ceremony of your life, everything else can wait. Don’t think about those financial specifics now or what everyone’s opinion of a marriage is. Just keep in mind that you’ve made a well thought out decision, stick with it.

3. Talk to your partner.


She knows all your insecurities by now and is still getting married to you. Don’t shy away from admitting your doubts and fears to her. Communication is always the key. Let her make you realize why you love her so much one more time.

4. Talk to your friends.


They’ve stood by you in your worst struggles so far and have proved to be the pillars of strength. Let them pull you through this one as well and grab a few drinks while they do so.

5. See a counselor.


You’re getting married and have no experience to handle such pressure. Hence, there’s nothing wrong in bringing in the experienced professionals to talk you through the upcoming changes. Drop the social stigma and compartmentalize.

These five should help you when it finally hits you that you’re actually getting married. Just relax, everyone gets hit. You only have to remember that at the end of this nerve wreaking tunnel, there’s this beautiful person who’ll eventually make everything better. Just keep faith.

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