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5 Funky Wedding Outfits For The Modern Bride

The old-school, wildly expensive wedding outfit is being ditched by more and more modern brides these days. In place, they are opting for affordable, creative and funky outfits that they are making themselves! A great chance to save hard earned money, and let your creativity show forth!

So here are five creative outfits you could take the DIY route:

1. Go metallic

This is a cool, war-ready outfit that is going to turn heads everywhere. And guess what?… You can make it all by yourself! All you need is a nice black corset and long black underskirt. On the corset, weave and interweave metallic wires of different shades…ranging from shiny steel to dull copper. Go for a chain overskirt made of interwoven wires. If you want to go one step further, get a chainmail overskirt to hot things up.

2. Flower Power

Flower power is the way for the new age, environment conscious, spunky Barbara Streisand. If you have the guts to pull this beautiful outfit off…then go girl! Wear a short, strapless corset and underskirt of white satin or silk. Then, get a beautiful dress of flowers. Then wear a long overskirt of net, and weave in some ‘real’ blossoms of white and peach rose, orchid, lilies and the occasional leaf to add a splash of colour. Wear a headgear of flowers too, and get ready to be the most beautiful bride ever!

floral lehenga

source: Sabyasachi 

3. The DIY Lehenga

Instead of going for the pocket-burning designer lehenga, opt for a DIY lehenga. Get a simple, bold-coloured lehenga tailored. Then sew on sequins and beads of your choice in any wild pattern you want to. You can even hand paint your lehenga with some bold and interesting motifs. It’s your wedding, your lehenga, so treat it as your canvas and deck it up as you wish…uninhibited!

DIY lehenga


4. The Cinderella effect

Perhaps Mademoiselle would want to go for a gorgeous gown like Cinderella's? Get a gown tailored, and then sew in little, blinky LED lights all over. Wear a tiara to complete the look. If you can get yourself a pair of glam glass sandals, even better… and remember to colour your lips a glam pop pink. Pull on elbow length white gloves, and there! Retro Cinderella is ready to say ‘I Do’ the perfect fairytale way!

cinderella gown

5. Go Gothic

How about going for a bold leather gown in a warm shade of chocolate, or burgundy? Wear a corset and underskirt, and then don your tailored leather armor. If you want to add more spunk to it, then go for rows of metal studs on the shoulders and torso. Do your eye make in bold shades of black and bronze, and have your hair curled and go for an all-out bold look!

gothic wedding


We’re sure these bridal dress ideas will leave your guests mesmerized too!…And if you pull of these new age wedding outfits in style, we guarantee you, you’ll have your friends look up to you and consult you when it comes to choosing that perfect outfit for their wedding!

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