5 Reasons Why Getting Married Early Is Not A Bad Option

Getting married early was a norm till a decade ago in India. However, times have changed now and people are more open to and accepting of the idea of late marriages. Even though there are communities and households that stress on getting married as soon as you reach a certain age in life, the pressure is more or less off.

But if you have found the one, are extremely comfortable with your partner and eventually plan to marry him or her, then you shouldn’t delay. Really – it is not a bad idea at all to tie the knot with someone who is exactly who you wanted.

If you are specifically restricting yourself because you presume you are too young, then don’t. Because when it is about love, it hardly matters when and how you choose to get married. So the point is getting hitched at an early age is also not a bad option.


Of course, it is not! We have listed down 5 reasons for why it is not the “end of the world” for you and why you should pursue it, if given a chance. Read on:

1. You’ll spend more time together

Yup. That’s the truth. You WILL spend more time together not because you are bound to but because you really want to. Marriage will open a platform for you and your partner to invariably spend time with not just one another, but also families – which is a part and parcel that comes with marriage.

But this is also a way to get to know your partner better and do things your way, their way. Marriage is like a roller-coaster ride. You both will have your own ups and downs but whatever happens, you both will be in it together and there’s nothing better than that.

2. You’ll be more adjusting with your partner

The younger you are, the better will you adjust anywhere and with anyone – that’s what research reveals. The thing is once you get used to living life a certain way, have your own fixed routines and indulge in your preferences, it becomes a little difficult to adjust and be more receptive to your partner’s needs, feelings and wants. But in an early marriage, it will be a lot better.


3. You’ll celebrate many milestones

Of course! That goes without saying. Your first house and car, your second big promotion, third trip abroad, first baby – there are too many firsts and seconds and thirds. There is always going to be too much to celebrate with your partner.

So don’t worry about losing the spark in your marriage because it won’t go anywhere. In fact, life will become exciting because of this. There will always be something to look forward to. And that makes everything a lot more interesting than it what already is. So enjoy!

4. You’ll get through tough times easily

Like we mentioned before, life is going to throw all sorts of problems at you. But if you have an understanding partner, dealing with tough situations becomes a lot easier. After all, your partner is your punching bag and you have a cushion to fall back on.

Even if it is as small as a “bad day at work”, you know you can come home and rant about your day. It’s simple! The thought itself is so comforting. It will instantly relieve you off your stress.

5. You’ll be a better parent

Even if you and your spouse are not rushing to have kids immediately after tying the knot, you will eventually think of it and work towards it. You both will mentally prepare yourself. The pre-pregnancy stage will be a cakewalk if you know your spouse is standing in the thick and thin with you.

Plus – since you both have gotten so used to each other and the level of understand is higher, raising a baby is going to be easy. So start your family without fretting so much!

Despite these reasons, we don’t state that everyone should get married early or by a certain age. Marriage is a personal choice – the biggest, most serious decision of all in life. So whenever that happens with you, consider it the RIGHT TIME for you.

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