The Perfect “Maang Tika” For You

The “maang tika” forms an integral part of the entire bridal attire. Without it, her face looks incomplete. The “maang tika” is the last piece of the fashion puzzle. If a bride-to-be spends months searching for the right outfits, lipstick shades, footwear along with her accessories, she must also do her own research to select a “maang tika” that really suits her face and complements her trousseau.

If you are having trouble searching for the most stunning headpiece for yourself or are unaware of the kinds of “maang tika” that are creating a buzz in the world of fashion – don’t fret. When it comes to inspiration for anything bridal, you know we will always give you the best of the best options.

So our “maang tika” picks are stylish and massive trend-setters in their own right. We urge you to turn yourself into a bride that can “literally” flaunt her jewellery in the most beautiful manner ever. Still confused? Don’t be. Here is the list, go explore:

1. The classic tika

This one has a simple design and is non-fuzzy when it comes to maintenance. It’s round in shape. This classic tika will go with almost any face cut – so you don’t have to worry about not making a pretty statement. Chances are this piece of jewellery will amplify your beauty manifold, by anchoring your “odhni” like a boss.


If you are unable to find a “maang tika” in any other design or cut, then this one is the safest bet. You can choose one with sapphire, crystals, emeralds or rubies – depending upon the colour of your outfit and footwear. Just shine through. Don’t ponder over it too much. You will rock like a queen!

2. Over-sized tika

Even though it is huge, the over-sized tika is perfect for more laid-back and informal functions such as the “mehendi” or “sangeet” ceremony. Since you don’t have to worry about your odhni, you can just take it easy and let your hair down.


A huge tika with your tresses complementing will be a sight to behold! All you have to do is part your hair in the middle and fix the “maang tika” in the parting. Keep straight hair or play with your curls – that is upto you. This over-sized tika won’t let you down. And the entire focus can be on the forehead – so it is a win-win situation.

3. Borla

Remember Aishwarya Rai sported a “borla” several times in the movie “Jodha Akbar”? Even though this piece of jewellery is worn by women from the states of Rajasthan and Haryana in the country, it has slowly become a popular choice for a “maang tika” to be worn at weddings.


The shape of the “borla” is usually crafted with different kinds of stones such as pearls, rubies, crystals, sapphires, etc. It specifically looks great on round cut faces. You can choose to accentuate your look by parting your hair exactly from the centre – you will look gorgeous!

4. Matha patti

If you are looking for a heavy headpiece, then “matha patti” is not half bad a choice. In fact, it is a hot pick that is ruling the world of “maang tikas” right now. This particular accessory has extra layers to the sides – apart from the tika itself – and hence it completely adorns the forehead of the bride.


However – there is one catch. You have to be very conscious about the ornament so as to make it to stay in its place. Since, it is so sleek in design, it will look absolutely perfect on a round cut face. It will give a shape to the face and there’s nothing better than that!

5. Jhoomar

Also known as “passa”, it is a traditional accessory of a Muslim bride but it is slowly becoming popular across all sects and communities. This piece hangs beautifully on the left side of the forehead. You can choose from various designs – fan shape, triangular, round, etc. The options are too many but they add a royal touch to the bride’s overall attire. You can even hang it in the centre of the forehead!


So which one did you like the most and why? Let us know!

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