6 Things That Happen When You Are Newly Engaged

So he has finally proposed and you couldn’t be happier about it! You got THE engagement ring of your life. Let’s leave out how and where he proposed. That’s for some other time. Our focus today is on the things that are bound to happen to any bride-to-be as soon as she is engaged.

From dealing with nosy relatives to being scared about losing your ring – there is suddenly a lot on your plate. And of course – you have to plan your wedding too! Suddenly, Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” is your favourite song now.

You are happy and smiling all the time – it’s infectious. So adding to this thought, here are 6 things that happen you get engaged:

1. You are super protective about your ring

Basically – every time you bump your hand into the table or accidently bump into a door – your heart is going to skip a beat or two. You will get these notions from time to time that the ring has fallen on of your finger.


It’s a scary thought – but it’s natural because it is the best you have ever owned in your life! Don’t worry – you will not lose your ring unless you are really careless which we doubt you ever will be. And as far cracking the ring is concerned, nothing will happen to your big diamond rock.

*wink wink*

2. You randomly gaze at your finger

And you will tend to that to do that a lot! All of a sudden your left finger has become a symbol of interest and you can’t stop either staring at it yourself or flaunting it in front of your friends, family and colleagues.

For the record – no one minds that too because your face emanates happiness and it’s overwhelming for everyone. So don’t think you are a lunatic to move your gaze to your engagement ring every half hour. You have earned it!

3. Family gets involved faster than you think

Now whether your partner proposed you before the parents got involved or you both get engaged at a formal function – the point is the celebrations are incomplete without the love and positive vibes of the family.


Your parents are especially couldn’t be happier about you and your to-be-hubby. It’s really exciting to see their happy faces all the time. And once both sides of the families get involved, you know the deal is set for life.


4. You are flooded with congratulatory messages

Whether it is on social media or texts – there’s no end to the amount of messages you receive once the cat is out of the bag. People from everywhere will message you or even call you up. But the point is you will not get irritated.

In fact, you will be more than happy to include all of them in your happiness. So if you are already receiving congratulatory messages from friends, families, old college mates and colleagues (including the ones you never speak to) – enjoy the moment. You deserve the attention.

Don’t let it go waste.

5. Bachelorette party plans are on

Yikes! You completely forgot about it – didn’t you? We didn’t – and we are guessing so didn’t your close gal pals. Once the wedding date is set, all girls should do a customary thing for you and that is to organize a Hen’s Party for you.

From picking the perfect destination to selecting a sassy theme – you are already thrown in the cauldron of planning. Your friends can’t stop talking about the things that will execute. The worst part is they will tease you, might not disclose the plan and you will be left asking for more details.

But then that’s tough luck!

6. You become a bridezilla

The transformation is so smooth that you won’t recognize how and when you became a bridezilla. You may be the most stable and balanced woman on this planet, but just as your wedding day approaches, you become a spoilt brat who everyone to work as per your whim and fancy.

Don’t be like that even though it’’s always the “Bride’s Day, Bride’s Way”. Don’t worry – your near and dear ones are going to make sure you get the wedding of your life.

So what are the other things that happen when you suddenly become engaged?

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