7 Awww-some Date Ideas For V-Day

Voila! The most romantic month of the year is here. It’s February, guys, the valentine’s month and no matter how much people pretend they don’t care, somewhere deep down they do. Come on, who doesn’t like to love and to be loved – this day is all about it. From high school sweet-hearts to the grey haired octogenarians, everybody enjoys celebrating it, so do we at Wedzo.

Love isn’t a phase, it’s a feeling that grows stronger and deeper with every passing day only if both the partners are coupling well, not just physically but emotionally too. Love brings two souls closer and wedding makes the two souls one but the love in all the relationships doesn’t graph the same way, it may upsurge, stay constant or may go downhill. It’s when V-day plays the cupid in the relationship.

If this is your first V-Day after your wedding, the anxiety-meter fluctuates the most. Are you feeling blued by the fact that your post wedding Valentine ’s Day will not be as exciting as your earlier ones? Your partner isn’t that interesting or romantic as (s)he used to be? No, it’s not that – sometimes, our feelings go into hibernation after a long period of activeness. May be it’s the same thing happening with him or you (we never realise). All you gotta do is, wake that romantic side of him/her by celebrating the day with all the love and craziness. Here are a few crazy and quirky ideas for making your Valentine’s Day a special one for you both to remember.

  1. Photo-shoot
  • It’s not a selfie session that I mean; a legit, proper photo-shoot by a pro would be so cool. You can either have a theme based shoot or a cosplay one. If you didn’t get a chance to have a proper pre-wedding shoot, you can have it now. Go crazy, be quirky or all mushy as you wish and believe us photo-shoots are fun.



  1. Role play – Relive your first date
  • The first date is the most special one to everyone – we take nostalgic drive to that lane every once in a while. So here’s a plan – why not relive that day, that moment all over again. Go that particular restaurant/café, book that exact table, dress in the same (similar) dresses and do everything in the same way as it happened on your first.


  1. Lock yourself in a house
  • Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho, aur chabi kho jae’ How cool it would be – Only two of you in the locked up house. Spend the whole day with each other, do the daily chores, prepare food, play video games and have an in-house dinner date. Organise the house, decorate it or make it as messy as a dumping ground – do whatever seems fun to you.



  1. No Plan Day
  • It’s one of those days of the year that we start planning for in a month advance. It’s a special day for you and your bae after all. But this time, just let it be! Plan not to have a plan for the day – Just get into your car or take a bike or get on your feet, for that matter and head in either of the two directions (right or left) and improvise at every milestone. It won’t be any less than an adventure.


  1. An Outing
  • If you like things old school – an outing would be great. As they say, there is an enthralling charm about the classics, so take her out on a picnic date away from urban chaos, just two of you in a silent terrain. A long drive with all your favourite songs on a loop and good old memories flowing in the conversation. In the evening it’s just you and your special one under the blanket of stars. What would you do? STAR GAZING.

miley-cyrus-gif-28 picnic

  1. Get A Little Sporty
  • A sports date would be super cool to go on. You can go for golfing, bowling or any sport of your choice, after all it’s about spending quality time together which does not always mean getting all mushy and cheesy. If it isn’t venturesome enough for you and a little adrenaline rush is all you seek – go for bungee, paragliding, go-karting etc. or perhaps some adventurous rides at an amusement park would make your day.

tumblr_n896yco6TZ1s4rha3o2_500 1466511672-selena-2

  1. Get High
  • Well! I meant literally. You need to find the highest spot in the city (can be a hill top or a building) and setup a cabana or a bon fire there with the booze and barbeque. You are on the top of the world with your man or lady. Spend the whole evening together under the lights of the stars and the moon holding hands. Perfect date it would be!

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