7 Hatke Songs For that DHAMAKEDAAR Bridal Entry

Now that you are all set to be his bride – dress, jewellery, shoes and make-up everything is done and locked. You are gonna look your best on that Big day and those two eyes would know no other address to stop at. But..but…but.. that first look of yours is of paramount importance to him (and yeah everybody else too) and it ought to be magical in every sense. So, what can you do?

First of all ‘Din shagna da chadia’ is what everybody must be expecting you to walk down the aisle to, so you gotta ditch this melody, cos it ain’t that chocolaty.  To have phoolon ki chadar or not can be a personal choice but the choice of song to make entry on must only and only be for your man.

Here, we have enlisted few songs you can consider for your bridal entry:

  1. Bedardi Raja
  • Now, why this? Well, if you are a patakha bride and a trend setter for everybody around you, then this song is something you can definitely pull off. It’s a perfect song for a badass bride to explode like a BOMB at her wedding. Dance to the amazing beats of this song and believe us you’re gonna rock it like a star.

  1. London Thumakda
  • If not only you but you whole family and squad is crazy about dancing this song is the apt choice to walk down the aisle to. You can start off with din shagna and one of your friends would ask Dj to change the track and start dancing on London thumakda. Later all you brothers and friends can join in and then of course London can’t thumkao unless the bride doesn’t move beat pe booty.

  1. Laung Gawacha (Nucleya)
  • Uff! The Nucleya Version of Laung Gawacha is the perfect song to make an entry on if you are looking for a something swag+dance. The beats would make everybody get up on their feet and thirko.

  1. Sau Aasmaan
  • If you are that adorable lovey dovey couple of your group who has been insanely in love for years and now, getting hitched finally – then this song is for you. This super cute song would make everybody go weak at the keens.

  1. Kabira (Encore)
  • For a typical Bollywood style entry with your friends and brothers, Kabira – Encore is a most amazing song. The music is so Indian and wedding-y that it would bring feels to the floor.

  1. In Lamhon Ke Daman Mein
  • A slow and dramatic entry is something you have in mind with the regal feel and procession, this song from Jodhaa Akbar is the right one for you. The magic of A.R. Rehman’s music will add everything to the whole set-up.

  1. Tere Bina – Guru
  • The music in the beginning of the song is so surreal that it would set up the whole mood and feel. You can alter the song as per your need, until 1:25 it’s perfectly fine then skip to 3:10 from where female portion starts.

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