9 Trending Mehendi Styles You Must Check Out.

The ritual of mehendi is an essential part of an Indian wedding, so much so that a whole ceremony is dedicated to it. It signifies the rite of passage of a girl to womenhood and is supremely important for a bride to have henna coloured on her hands and feet. It’s been a tradition since forever.

No matter how ancient the tradition be, the significance is deep rooted and vital. Bygone are the days when every bride had to settle for those old, conventional motifs. Brides these days like it all exclusive and creative. So, check out these super amazing design ideas that you can consider for your bridal mehendi.

  1. Magical Mandal Motifs
  • They don’t just look different but are also super chic.


  1. Jaali Patterns
  • Jaali designs are brides’ favourite these days. These are simple yet elegant looking designs which make it the first choice of all the brides.


  1. A Royal Treat
  • Those fancy Mughlai portraits of bride and groom with an elephant and other regal patterns can never go outdated.


  1. Peacock Motifs
  • The best thing about peacock patterns is that they are all favourite and can never disappoint any bride. They look perfectly feminine and elegant.



  1. Personal Portraits
  • Yes! This is something mod and #trending. Brides like to get the portraits of her and her man get mehendi-ed on their palms. Divyanka Tripathi got it for her bridal mehendi.


  1. Let Spaces Draw Attention
  • The magic of the designs in the spaces only.


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(Picture Credits: Our Wedding Chapter)

  1. Minimal Is The Most
  • If you don’t like to get your hands and feet all immersed in henna then you can get simple designs like Butis and Arabian can be your pick.

5 alankritaa8

(Designed by Alankritaa)

  1. Henna Bejeweled
  • You can opt for jewellery patterns like wrist cuffs, hand harnesses and rings. Just have a look at the picture and you would know why this design made to the list.


(Designed by Alankritaa)

  1. Stud And Slay!
  • Accessorize your henna with studs and sequins to add that extra zing to the design. It won’t look #OTT, trust us.



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