When you think of weddings, the first thing that comes to your mind is RELATIVES. We all come across these distinct types of relatives that we can’t avoid, considering the fact that they’re all invited for your Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding.


  1. The Limelight Hoggers

These are those over-excited relatives who’ll seize every opportunity to hog the limelight. They often underplay your parents’ importance on that day. Definitely the most annoying, they will not take a hint.



  1. The “beta aap itne se the” gang

Needless to explain, these are those relatives who have never spoken to or met you in your entire adult life. To you, they are non-existent until they show up for your wedding. Ironically, they are the most abundant lot.



  1. The Lost

Ever gone for someone’s wedding and asked your mom and dad who’s the one getting married. This lot doesn’t bother to do their background check before coming for the wedding and stumbles upon you and your fiancé asking, “Are you the ones getting married? Congratulations!”.



  1. The “Bewda Squad”

Yes, the name says it all. People who qualify to get categorized into this squad are the ones who’re so excited about your wedding that they’re drunk at every function, sometimes, even before most of the guests arrive. They include not only friends but also the uber-cool uncles and aunts!



  1. The Ultra-Judgemental

They’ll judge everything under the sun – from the décor-to the food-to the venue-to your attire-to even the relatives of your to-be spouce. You’ll be lucky if they spare your life choices.

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  1. The “Rishte-Vaale”

Their main agenda for attending a wedding is finding a ‘rishta’ for their own children. Believe me and steer away from these people, they can be seen holding a virtual notepad, (mentally) jotting down details of the worthy matches.



  1. The Kebab-mey-Haddis

People who don’t leave the bride and groom alone even for a minute are the proud holders of this title. They love to intrude and don’t even realize what they’re doing because “private time” isn’t a term they understand. Be blunt with them because there isn’t other way that they’ll leave you alone.



  1. The Tag-alongs

They include the plus ones of your close friends and family. They are very willingly dragged along for your wedding. We’ve all been there, done that and we’ll always be there for that beer-yani!



  1. The Gatecrashers

Ah yes, no wedding is complete without these funny characters who claim to be “Sharma Ji ke bete”. They are the broke college students who just want to eat a sumptuous meal, which they can’t afford at the moment because they’re clearly not too good with managing their finances.


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