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Accomplish a feel-good-bridal-look for your wedding.

“Oh yes! It’s my wedding next month”; “Oh no! Only a month is left for my wedding”, this happens a lot with a bride-to-be. You must be going through it as well. We understand that. It’s very apparent.

So what makes a bride-to-be so anxious? Why does she become super-finicky about everything?

This is the question that everybody asks, but we say, “Why not”.  It’s one of the biggest days of her life. Everything affiliated to wedding is for her and about her. She is the centre of all the pursuits, so she ought to be particular about everything, especially her look and demeanour.

Looking good does not confine to superficial appearance only. You need to feel good from inside. It’s not an allusion to any belief, it’s true. When you feel good internally it reflects on your skin externally. But, the bigger question is, “How”. Well! That is when a good friend like us comes in handy.

You need to stick to certain routines and consider few essentials to pull off the picture perfect look on your wedding.

1. Physical Fitness


  • You need to be physically fit before anything. With this we don’t mean go size zero but get a physique that will bring the best out of you.
  • If going to the gym is already a part of your routine, great. If not, you can definitely join one, few months before your wedding. Get a personal trainer, if possible.
  • Joining gym does not necessarily mean you have to drop weight but getting a toned body should not be a problem. Even weights do no harm, they help instead.
  • Regular walks and mild exercises like yoga, keep you robust. This keeps you charged and full of energy throughout the day.


2. Diet Plan

  • Don’t go on a crash diet, seeing only few months are left for your wedding. Please don’t! It would make you weak physically and cripple mentally. Eat everything but eat healthy.
  • You need to cut on junk food and reduce sugar intake. It’s the junk and unhealthy grub that does harm.
  • A good amount of water consumption is essential. It helps in hydrating the body and moisturising the skin.
  • You should start drinking green tea, if you don’t. It detoxes the body and improves the blood circulation which results in a glowing skin.


  • Street food is a strict NO-NO! You just can’t risk your health a month before your wedding. You should stick to the hygienic and healthy diet only. Nothing’s better than a home cooked food.

3. Body care

  • With all the pre-wedding hassle around, you need to shake off all the stress and relax to bring out the best in your skin. Body massages are bewitching, believe us! You don’t need to visit spa each time, it can be done at home.
  • Stress kills everything. You need to keep away from it. A sound 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for busting stress. If you compromise with this, it would show up on your skin.


  • You need to keep your skin moisturized round the clock. Use any moisturizer that suits your skin or you have been using all the while. This may be taxing but the result will be palpable on your big day.
  • Most importantly, give up on trying new products 2-3 weeks before your wedding. Stick to your regular products. You must be cautious about using new cosmetic or personal care products. You can’t afford allergic reactions or anything going wrong at this stage.

This is all you need to keep in mind and follow to get the perfect results for your wedding. Wedzo believes in simplifying the wedding planning experience on all the fronts, be it personal or social. Like a true BFF, we are more than happy to help you look your best on your big day. You should be a bride inside and out.Wah Bride

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Diksha Bhandari

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  1. Wedding is an occasion where you get a chance to get fully crazy about all your functions and most importantly the appareal..how u will look.. this article has given the points to be kept in mind for the crazy occassion.. 😉 Thank you for such an amazing article!! Looking forward for more!!

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