Amazing Things That Happen When You Fall In Love

It makes you feel your best. It increases your confidence manifold. It makes you smile even when nobody’s around. It makes you feel happy always. It pushed you to do things that you have never done before. It makes you a better person for sure!

No, we aren’t talking about ecstasy or any other drug. We are talking about one of the most beautiful phenomena in the world: Love.

Love makes the world go round.

We sing about it, read about it, and watch movies that are based on it. And if you are talented enough, you write about it too!

Though some people might question its existence, everyone – in some way or the other – has been touched by it. So what does one exactly feel like when they are “crazy in love”? What are the emotions? What are the thoughts that come to a person’s mind? Have a look-see:


1. Your body reacts to love

First things first: your hormones get into a tizzy! Your head starts spinning. Your heart beats faster. Your cheeks turn red. You blush a lot. You might think this happens only with teenagers. But think again. It happens with anyone and everyone who has ever been in love!

2. You smile when you are alone

People might find the idea of you smiling even when you are alone odd. And they might even consider calling up an asylum (especially moms) if they catch you doing so more than often. But what they don’t know is that you are in LOVE! You smile when you see his/her texts or even Facebook posts. It’s natural – but most people won’t get it!


3. The other person is all you can think about

Right from the moment you wake up and till the time you sleep, you constantly keep thinking about that person all the time. You wonder what he or she must be doing or wonder if he or she is thinking of you as well. It’s a vicious circle but it is nice to think about someone else apart from yourself at least once a while!

4. You do embarrassing things

This is our favourite part! People have been caught throwing stones into girl’s window, wrapping it with a love letter or calling the girl to her balcony and singing songs from the ground (only when the parents aren’t around – of course!).

Guys don’t mind even getting pedicure done with their girlfriends. Nope, we aren’t judging you – don’t worry. For girls, it may be playing PlayStation or watching a football match with their respective boyfriends. (Yes, such girls do exist!)

5. You suddenly start caring about your looks

You suddenly start paying attention  to your unkempt hair, body odour, un-groomed stubble, etc. The things that were your companions for ages suddenly catch your attention and you don’t want any of them at all!

pexels-photo (1)

You feel the need to groom yourself. Suddenly, you start competing with your siblings for the spotlight in front of the mirror. The brief to the guy at salon – that used to be “medium cut, bro” – suddenly changes to “leave the top portion, let the hair be long from the back, give me a side undercut though and I’d like to keep my side locks 1.2 inches long. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Whoa, love transforms people and their preferences!

6. You sing, you hum

The self-proclaimed bathroom singer is finally out of the closet1 You sing when you are alone, while doing daily chores or randomly walking on the street. That’s the thing about love. You stop caring about what others might think about you!

7. You step out of your boundary

Things that were a “strict no-no” before falling in love don’t exist anymore. You start doing things that you have never done before such as little chores to make your loved ones happy. It might include packing her favourite food from her favourite eatery or walking her dog. The same goes with girls. These might cause inconvenience to you, but you do all that just to be able to spend some time with your “lover”.

Have you ever done either of these? Do write to us! And please remember to always fall in love. It’s magical – alright!

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