Are you an insensitive groom?

The big fat Indian wedding is a pretty lavish affair and no matter how much importance is given to the brides, it is a day for the grooms to feel like royalty as well. But having said that, have the grooms (considering him the representative of his family) knowingly or unknowingly been insensitive ? Let’s check and find out.

The Traffic Jams.
Of course everyone is happy and wants to dance their hearts out for you, but did your wedding procession just block the whole road leaving the traffic crawling behind ? You don’t want the people cursing you on your way, so let’s keep it simple and streamlined.


Source: Google Maps TV Commercial

The Avoidable Pollution.
Celebrations are great and the mood must be set, but at the expense of our environment ? The air quality is terribly bad already, why add to it by bursting crackers ? And then there’s noise pollution too which is seldom addressed in our nation anyways. Let’s keep in mind our future generations and their tomorrow as well.



The Backward Rituals.
A lot of communities in our country ritualistically have the bride or her parents wash the feet of the groom. Doesn’t that sound belittling ? Some rituals are outright wrong and being part of a responsible society, let’s collectively refrain from following them.


The Unequal Expenses.
It is a pretty common phenomena that the bridal side takes care of the maximum expenditure and people stay prepared for it. But just like Virat Kohli states in a tv commercial, the expenditure should be shared equally. After all, it’s not just the bride’s wedding.


Source: Manyavar TV Commercial

The Unnecessary Gifts.
Another common phenomena, which often confused with rituals, is the unnecessary burden of gifts that falls on the bridal side wherein they have to gift all members of groom’s family present at certain ceremonies. Rituals and gifts are meant to bring happiness to a wedding and shouldn’t feel like a pressure for either sides.


Being educated and well informed, we all understand and have our logical ideologies. And hence, only the grooms can bring about these changes that would not only raise their respect within their in-laws but also eventually raise the standards of our society.

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