Awesome Lipstick Shades For Your Shaadi Apart From Red & Pink

Your wedding day is the best day of your life. You get to wear an eye-catching “lehenga” and don spectacular jewelry. You glow all the time because you are in love and you are getting married! That has got to count for something, right?

You are expected to look your best. Hell – you want to look your best! This is the reason why you take your own sweet time to not only pick up your outfits, jewelry, shoes and other accessories but also to get dressed for all the wedding festivities!

The whole experience is so magical for a bride that everyone else feels the “magic” too. Hey, wait a second – have you ever thought about how you plan to do your make up? Yep. We are talking about putting on some lipstick, eye shadow and rouge – the whole package!

But today – we will not go into so much detail. We will just stick to “lipsticks”. Choosing the right shade of lipstick is vital to complete your look. You must select a colour that will make you look even prettier in your wedding photos. Since reds and pinks are popular lipstick choices, we will discuss the other shades that not all brides think of applying.

Have a looksee:

1. Simple nudes

Beige, ivory, sheer and honey are some of the most gorgeous nude shades. Any one of these will look absolutely beautiful on an Indian skin tone. Just make sure that whichever colour you finally select gels with your overall outfit. In addition to this, you must also pick a texture – matte, glossy or shimmery – that looks best on you.

The beauty of this lipstick shade lies in its natural undertone. Trust us: your face will never look overdone up if you go for a nude shade.


2. Gorgeous plums

Whether you are fair or have a wheat-ish complexion – a plum lipstick will never do you wrong. From warm hues to cooler undertones, you can pick a shade that adds a chic charm to your appearance. Plum shades allow you to be bold yet subtle at the same time.

Moreover, plum shades are varied and you can find a desirable option amongst these – raspberry rush, plum rose, chilled burgundy and velvet volt. You can take a decision according to the mood and reason of the function!


3. Bright corals

This colour may look a bit tacky depending upon the kind of outfit you wear. But the truth is the strong orange tint really flatters all Indian skin tones rather beautifully. So you will do just fine – even if you are a little hesitant to wear this shade.


Just colour coordinate your makeup and your outfit properly. If they mismatch, then that’s where you write the perfect recipe for a disaster.

4. Seductive browns

We agree that any shade of brown is not the most conventional choice – especially for a bride. But then – what the hell – it is your day and you can do whatever you want to. Frankly speaking, chocolate brown works well with any type of outfit and brings out the natural beauty of the bride better than other lipstick shade.

The only thing you need to remember is to stay away from the shimmery or glossy textures. Just go with a matte-coated lipstick! Jazz up your bridal look with confidence. You will rock it – we know that!


5. Bewitching maroons

Yup. Shades that fall under the category of “maroons” are supremely hot. Whether you choose matt, gloss or anything shimmery – you will get a rich and intense colour on your lips. So if you want your mouth to grab all the attention – go for it. Don’t be uncomfortable. It’s a bold shade but then it is a classy one that will certainly up your bridal chic level!



We might not have created an exhaustive list of lipstick shades you can wear. But we have, more or less, ensured the best of the best colours make it to the list and you wear the most flattering one in all your marriage ceremonies.

Hey! After all, you are getting dressed up for yourself and no one else. So make every effort count!

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