Wedding season is here and everyone’s more than excited to attend the beautiful ceremonies that precede the big day! But what if YOU’RE the one who’s getting married? It’s not like you get married everyday and it’s not like you have a crystal clear picture of what you want for your wedding. We, at wedzo know exactly what that feels like. FEAR NOT, YOUR GUIDE IS HERE!

Check out some of these amazing décor ideas and take inspiration for your wedding functions, tuning them to perfection.


Some of us like our engagement ceremony to be intimate with only close relatives while others like the world to celebrate with them. We cater to both. After all, celebration is celebration at the end of the day.


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A pre-wedding Youngsters party has become quite common now a day. It’s the best way to break the ice between the Bride and Grooms’ friends. All you need is some alcohol and the “maahaul”!


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With so many functions taking over the night, it’s nice to have a Sangeet or Mehendi during the day time. You can pick a nice lawn for this function and bejewel it with rainbow colours. And what’s better, you get to wear shades with your Indian attire! Truly Dabangg, no?


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Everyone wants perfection on their big day! The wedding is for a fact, the toughest function to plan out because it’s so difficult to finalise on what you want the biggest day of your life to look like. You can use flowers or gold or shades of white and let your story be told!


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Aah yes, the most formal function of them all. For this function, keep things glassy and classy with plenty of seating for your guests, making this day truly royal for everyone. It’s usually the last function of your recently told love affair so why not end it with impactful BANG!! Don’t be afraid to go all out!


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