Chuck Red and Pink – These 9 Bridal Colours Are Super Chic.

It’s every bride’s dream to wear a stunning designer lehenga and look her best on her wedding. They start browsing all the latest trends, designs and patterns. They don’t just wanna look best but also different from any other bride. But, how? Well! In that case, you gotta ditch ‘red and pink’ at the first place. We know it’s the preferred (obvious) choice when it comes to bridal attire but not these days. Not only designers but also brides are experimenting with colours to attain that ‘million bucks’ look for their wedding.

Here’s presenting 10 colours that you can consider for your bridal outfit, check them out.

  1. Luscious Lavender
  • For a beach wedding or a morning wedding, lavender outfit can be the perfect choice for a bride.


  1. Graceful Green
  • The darker shade of green with the contrast of gold is/has been the alter ego of reds and maroons. Ace Bridal-wear designer Sabyasachi also loves playing with green.


  1. As bold as Blue
  • Blue is the most favourite colour for a reason – a hint of blue can make anything look beautiful. Brides in blue look equally mesmerizing.


4. Aqua or Mint Queen

  • The refreshing hue of aqua and mint add a pleasant charm to the entire bridal look. Just like lavender, Aqua or Mint lehenga would also be apt for morning and beach wedding.




  1. Urbane Ivory
  • White is the bridal colour in many communities like – Christians, Parsis, Gujratis etc. and ivory is anyway the hot favourite among mod brides these days, so it isn’t illicit anymore.


  1. Be a Sunshine in Yellow
  • Yellow is considered as holy as red for a bride – then why not play with the hues and shades of yellow to attain unique bridal look worth a million bucks.


  1. Ravishing Rose Gold
  • To have or not have pink is the question – Is it? Really? Well! Don’t stress yourself, rose gold can be your colour if you ‘want and don’t want pink’. And yes, we understand that dilemma.


  1. Coral
  • If you are looking for something other than red and your elders (mommy/aunts/in-laws) aren’t getting your point then coral is your colour, girl. Traditional yet chic!


  1. Golden charm
  • All time classy gold can never go wrong for a bride. If you are super-super confused regarding the colour of the outfit, then you can blindly trust gold. It’s one such colour that every bride vouches for.


        10. Rainbow of colours

  • Lehengas with multi hue designs look amazingly beautiful. Especially the colourful motifs on a lighter base elevate the grace quotient to some another level.



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