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We often take a lot of time on deciding wedding outfits and venues, rushing from here to there for our wedding to be perfect. In between all of this ruckus we tend to forget about the wedding invitations- Not giving a lot of importance. According to us wedding invitations should be classy and fun to go through. They should be intriguing for the guests and aesthetically pleasing aswell-We don’t mean to scare you guys. We got your back people! This Wedding invitation designer is one of the best Ones and would help you make your invitations really fun and the way you want!

Wedding Invitation Designer: Vibgyor by Sanam Bhasin Arora 

So she designs beautiful wedding invitations, according to what you would want. Here are some of her all time classics that we personally loved. Have a look and let us know your thoughts-

Surprises inside!

 sanam 2

sanam 1

Funk it up a little.

sanam 3

 Floral-Gold Beauty

sanam 4

sanam 5

Simple and chic!

sanam 6


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