Different Ways To Style That Traditional Turban!

We all know the royalty a turban adds to the men at an Indian wedding. Be it the guests, the squad or the groom himself, a turban never fails to make a statement. So amidst so many people with their turbans, what better way to create your signature by sporting a unique style? Presenting five styles of tying your turban that should make you stand out from the crowd effortlessly.

The Rajasthani Style

This pagdi is an elaborate one that gives almost instant attention and importance to the one wearing it. Adorn it with a kundan kalgi and wear with a bandhgala to leave an impeccable first impression.
Rajasthani Style 2

Rajasthani Style, Bandhgala, Kundan Kalgi
The Marwari Style

The most popular pagdi style, this turban adds a royal touch to your attire. The draping is precise and when coupled with a sherwani or Jodhpuri, it works like magic.
Marwari Style, Jodhpuri;Sherwani, Kundan Kalgi

Marwari Style 2
The Nawabi Style

As the name itself suggest, the Nawabi turban is an elaborate set that goes with almost every ethnic attire. Subtle or no ornamentation at all works well with this pagdi style. The material, preferably silk, is the key.
Nawabi Style

Nawabi Style 2
Benaresi Style

Another concised turban assortment that gives you a sharp look, Benaresi turban should be your pick in case you’re the one running the groom squad. It’s efficient and works well with an indo-western attire too.

Banarsi Style, Sherwani, Zari embellished

Banarsi Style 2
Mewari Style

Just like Benarsi, this style is very articulate with its draping and is visibly different than the rest. It is more functional and doesn’t go over the top. No ornamentation and almost every ethnic attire goes effortlessly with this pagdi.
Mewari Style

Mewari Style 2
Turbans have always held a lot of importance as well as significance at Indian weddings. Hence, you gotta make sure you pick the right one for the right attire.

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