Most of us have grown up with a picture of our perfect wedding in our minds and eventually are left disappointed when we don’t get what we’ve been picturing for most of our childhood. This most often happens because it turns out that our deep pockets had holes in them all this while. Here are some tips that will help you achieve that dream wedding by being smart with your expenditure.



  1. Quality, Not Quantity

Limit your functions because when you have too many, your budget per function reduces. It makes sense to have two extravagant functions (a Mehendi and a Wedding) and one small Cocktail or Youngster’s with just the close ones. That way you can do justice to each function. Makes sense, doesn’t it?



  1. Embrace the Day

Day functions don’t only look rainbow-awesome but also help you save up on a lot of money – whether that’s on lighting or the venue charges at night. In fact, Mehendi functions look gorgeous during the day because everything’s so bright and colourful and what’s better, you get to bring in your Desi-Swag with shades paired with Indian attire!



  1. Flower Décor

Flowers are a favourite when it comes to décor and there’s so much that you can do with flower decoration! Whether it’s wrapping tent poles in Marigold flower garlands or hanging Gajra on the backs of metal chairs to give them that chic-twist. You’ll be surprised with how much you can do in such less expenditure!



  1. Chuck the “Muhrat”

Don’t be mainstream with the “Muhrat” declared by Pandit Ji. With so many weddings happening on those dates, it’s but obvious that wedding vendor rates will increase. Instead decide your own Muhrat during the wedding off-season where you can be smart with your expenditure. The rates will drop to almost half after wedding season is over. Get the best, it isn’t a day where you should just settle!



  1. Simple Venue + Badass Décor

Why not pick a simple venue such as a garden or lawn and focus your expenditure on the Décor. It always makes more sense to choose to spend on either a Venue or the Décor because both involve very high expenditure and if the Venue is good then you need not spend much on décor. This is the best place to save on a lot of valuable dough.



  1. Everything Under One Roof

If you’re planning on having a destination wedding, be wise. Ensure that you book venues for all functions as well as rooms for the guests’ stay – all in the same place. This saves on a lot of money because if you have such a large-scale booking, the venue is bound to crack you some amazing deals!



  1. DIY For The Win!

Kick in some DIY wherever you can – DIY Photobooths and Décor are always welcomes and not difficult to do at all! Not only does DIY look super cute but it also saves on a lot of unnecessary expenditure. You can play around with so much – bandhini chunnis as a background for the photobooth and parandhis as decorative hangings are just the tip of the iceberg. Let your imagination run wild and make those bridesmaids work!

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  1. Enter with a BANG!

Make an ultra cool entry to your wedding function with your man! Bring out that swag by entering on a Bullet or sitting on a rickshaw decorated with flowers instead of that mainstream entry style under the “Phulon ki Chaddar”. Make a statement, it’s your day!


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