Every Bride Must Bring These 5 Special Things To Her New Home

The thought of starting a new life with someone else is an overwhelming thought! Even though it is a positive one, it is the bride who has the most jitters. Imagine stepping into a family, with a different set of parents and relatives, switching cities and jobs and settling down in matrimonial bliss – phew!

That is a lot of work for a bride but hey – it is a beautiful experience. One of the most exciting things that a bride indulges in is pre-wedding packing. The process of slowly assimilating and boxing little bits of old life can be a nostalgic road trip but is certainly complete with happiness!

So if you are a to-be-bride who is looking to move to her new life in some time, here are 5 special things you must take with you:

1. Your mom’s favourite recipe

Just because you are married, doesn’t mean you are going to straight make way to the kitchen. Come on – we live in the 21st century and although we still resort to many age-old traditions and customs, this is not one of them.

However, if you love to cook and especially appreciated your mother’s cookery skills, then do bring along a favourite recipe of hers! You may not always get to time to make it but having it with you is good enough to beat “mommy-related” blues if and when you feel them!

Also, whenever you have time, do try to create that magical dish for your hubby or your in-laws. This is a great way to stay rooted to your old life and yet sprinkle some goodness all over your new life.

2. Your mother’s old saree

…or any other piece of clothing that is close to your heart is something you should definitely pack! A daughter-mother bond is so special that it hurts both of them when the former is married off and sent to her new home.


Of course – marriage is a special milestone in anyone’s life but it instantly alters the bride’s life for the better. And who can understand this better than a mother herself?! This is why you should get a saree of your mother to your new home.

Trust us – there will be plenty of occasions for you to flaunt your mother’s style as someone’s missus!

3. A piece of old jewellery

Why not? It can be something you bought when you were a teenager. It can be a cocktail ring your friends got for you on your birthday or a trinket your parents gave you years ago! Basically it can be anything and everything you have had for a long time that parting ways with it seems impossible.

So without any second thoughts, bring that piece of jewellery along with you. Wear it whenever you want a sense of comfort and familiarity around you. It will never bring you down. In fact, it will always give your confidence a boost!

4. Family photographs

We may live in a digital age but we are all humans in the end and constant reminders of our families and friends is always good! Therefore, get all your favourite family moments along with you. Let your new home accommodate them and make you happy whenever you feel the blues.


Decorate your corner with smiling phases and crazy memories. You will instantly feel happy while looking at them. The transition post marriage can take a toll on a bride emotionally. Therefore, a bunch of nicely framed photos can help her tackle that tough phase easily.

5. Gifts for your new family members

It is always nice to be everyone’s good books. And no one can say no to beautifully wrapped gifts – even if they are small in size! So once you are done with 90% of your bridal packing, head to the market or check out some online stores to buy gifts for your new family.


Let them know that you care equally for them and are excited to know them. Spread positive vibes and see how positively they will also react. Gifts always do wonders.

So what are your thoughts on this? Is there anything specific you will like to take to your new home? Let us know in the Comments section. 🙂

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