Five accessories that would give the groom an extra edge.

Just like the bride, every groom deserves to look a little extra special at his wedding and these five accessories would give him just the upper hand he needs to woo his bride at the first sight.

1. The Traditional Sword
You’re the prince charming and very well deserve to have your sword by your side on your big day. A ceremonial sword speaks volumes for you. All you gotta do is carry it around with grace.

2. The Complimenting Stole
This one is right out of the movies and needs a little taking care of. The complementing stole competes your Sherwani and can be adorned in multiple ways

3. The Layered Neckpiece
This one too has a charm to it considering these neckpieces are made of either semi precious stones such as emerald or precious metals such as platinum. You may choose the number of layers from three to seven as per your liking.

4. The Turban Kalgi
When the pagri is going to give you that royal feel, why not return the favour? The kalgi is an ornamentation that adds immense character and importance to your turban almost instantly.

5. The Pocket Square
This one’s an all star and should be a part of anything you wear with a breast pocket. Make sure the colour complements your other accessories and you’re good to go.

Choose your accessories wisely and you’d be remembered for the royalty you truly are for years to come.

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