Five Offbeat Themes To Give A Twist To Your Wedding

There is a certain been-there-done-that feel to most weddings you go to. You see the same kind of decoration, the same kind of music, the same kind of food, and even the same kind of attire. It is too repetitive, and rather unimaginative. So for your wedding, make sure to take the road less trodden, and have a totally unique wedding. How? Well, consider having a theme wedding!

That makes the whole experience a lot more fun and memorable! Choose a theme that totally describes you, and at the same time promises to make your wedding a one-of-a kind-experience that you and your guests can cherish forever. Do not hesitate to experiment with the wackiest themes. It is, after all, your special day

Here are five really fun themes make your wedding truly memorable:

Be one with nature

Plan a wedding that’s oh-so-natural! Instead of going for a conventional wedding venue like a swanky hotel, choose to have your wedding in a lush green garden, surrounded by trees and flowers. Have a white coloured platform for the ceremony, overhung with arches of pink, purple and white bougainvillea. Drape the seats with white satin cloth, and sprinkle white and peach rose petals all over.

Have vases of fresh roses, carnations and lilies at each table. Twine the legs of the seats, tables, and any pillar with garlands of jasmine and lilies. As for attire, opt for soft pastel shades and minimal bling. This will be an elegant, flowery wedding to remember.

nature wedding


The Adventurous Wedding

If you are an adventure junkie, how about turning your common passion as the perfect backdrop for your wedding. So whether its scuba diving or sky diving, junk that on-so-formal wedding finery for your adventure gear and get ready to say “I do” underwater or mid flight with the guests cheering you on in excitement. And don’t forget to jump off the plane holding each other’s hands after the wedding wows!

adventure wedding


The wormhole in space

If you happen to be a literature or history buff, then is the one for you. Choose your favourite literary or historical period, and set that as the theme for your wedding! Decorate and dress up according to the theme. However, remember to inform your guests at least two months in advance. It takes time and study to come up with a costume for a historical-period themed wedding.

The Neo Modernist

This is a great theme to for those who love minimalism, and is easy to set up. Go for a formal, modern wedding hall and drape in metallic colours of dull gold, silvery grey and ultramarine blue. Have the tables covered in snowy white, and the chairs of metallic mould left bare. Have simple, tasteful flower arrangements on the tables, like a peach rose and a blade of tall grass in a small, slim glass vase.

minimal wedding


Dress up in darker colours and wear minimal jewellery. A slick hairstyle and bold eye makeup will go perfectly with the theme.

The Masquerade

Now this a theme that requires a lot of work. But it totally pays off. Having a masquerade wedding theme is something no one will forget. Choose a large wedding hall with old-world charms like balconies, plaster frieze, frescoes on the ceiling, glittering golden chandeliers and lots of woodwork. Set the ambience with a lot of tall pillar candles in beautiful candlesticks, placed on each table. Have a lot of empty space in the centre so that the masquerade ball can proceed freely.

masquerade (2)

Dress up in flowing robes of dark and bright shades mixed in, and wear just the right amount of bling— either on the neck or the ears, but not both. Have free curly locks of hair and pin a crimson rose or two. As for the masks, have the design ready months before and get enough masks for everybody. You can go for the Venetian style of mask, as it is elegant beyond compare.

Apart from the five themes mentioned above, there are many other themes for you to think of. After all, it is your wedding and you should go for a theme that reflects who you truly are at heart. Choose a theme that is not entirely impossible to pull off.

Keep in mind factors like time, and venue, as well as your wedding budget. But do not hesitate to choose a completely unique theme, since a theme wedding is that one day when you can live your dreams and turn them into a reality that you can reminisce together for years to come with your partner.

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