Five Ways To Keep Kids Engaged During The Wedding

Weddings can be a hectic affair. And other than all the arrangements that you can take care of beforehand, the chaos that little kids coming in can create could always turn out to be an unforeseen calamity. Thus, let’s nip the problem in the bud with these easy arrangements that should fix most kids just right.

1. Give Them Those Snackers!

Believe it or not but most kids get hungry right after entering the venue. And history stands witness that no kid ever said no to some delicious starters. It’s that simple. Stuff their plates with something yummy and let the taste buds do the rest for you.

2. The Extra Beddings!

Mehendi/sangeet celebrations are a lot of fun with all the colors and musicals being the frontrunners. But what you don’t want are kids running through your carefully put articulate decor. So keep their running limited to a few extra beddings in a corner dedicated totally to the little ones. I can’t stress enough on how much fun they can have with just a little bounce.

3. The Entertainers!

So your wedding is all classy and everything is running really smooth. But you never know what great mischief some kids can be up to. Add a few more and you may have a minor hooliganism issue to be handled. Let this problem be handled by professionals. Bring in a juggler or an old school magician to enchant kids and have the perfect hassle free celebration.
SY5ra9sSS4K41cmkaLE3_Magic Trick Fake Out

4. The Play Section!

The good old play section may not look really cool at your wedding but it sure works with those kids. Once they’re in there, they don’t even wanna know why they came to the venue in the first place. And that’s just how you’d want them to be.

5. The Ice Cream Phenomena!

The ice cream stalls are a time tested way of keeping things in check and the kids are no exception. They get one, sit tight and prepare for another. All settled.
ice cream

Well, no matter what they end up doing, you’d most likely have to be content with ‘kids are going to be kids’. So rather than bursting a mental volcano that you can do nothing about, take my advice and have a happy blissful wedding!

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