Plan Your Wedding With Wedzo!

Everything is going online now. From clothing to ordering food to anything you need, it’s all just a click away. So why shouldn’t your life’s biggest celebration be any different? Wedzo gives you everything you’d need and more. Read on and find out what the ultimate wedsite has to offer!

Handpick Your Vendors!

We all know how exhaustive picking the right wedding vendors can be because after all, it’s your wedding. Wedzo gives you so many options in each category to choose from that you couldn’t possibly have covered physically. Detailed catalogs as per your preferences and real wedding pictures help you get a much better idea for your perfect vendors.


Those Guest Lists!

So your dad invited his friends and your own list of buddies is ready when suddenly your mom brings in a list of relatives that you’ve never even heard of. Make sure you don’t lose out on any of those lists with Wedzo Guest List and keep them all in one neatly cataloged space.
Keep Them Guests Posted!

Ever had friends who keep asking you the dates of plans every now and then and no matter how many times you tell them, they don’t seem to remember? We all have those and they won’t be a trouble anymore since the Wedzo Wedding Timeline keeps everyone in your guest list posted regarding every ceremony of the wedding. Problem solved.
Stay Connected via Chat!

The fun at a wedding starts only when the conversations start! Wedzo Chat enables guests to chat amongst themselves as well as with the couple to make plans and the celebrations a lot more interesting! Moreover, the wedding couple themselves can constantly stay in touch with all their vendors as well.
Instant Wedding Gallery!

Everyone keeps clicking pictures at weddings and we always look good in those clicked by others. Wedzo Photo Gallery lets everyone at the wedding share their wedding pictures on a common secure platform for all to see and contribute to. No more waiting for them cool pics!
Gifting Made Easier!

The shagan envelopes are passe now. We gotta evolve with the changing times and digital economy is the way to go. Wedzo eShagan lets you bless the couple via digital transaction. Also, why go with the same old crockery when you can gift the couple exactly what they want? Wedzo Wish List enables you to contribute to the couple’s specific wishes and fulfill their desires.
Plan Your Wedding!

The big fat Indian wedding can be a little hard on the pockets but it’s only fair to know beforehand just how hard it can be. Wedzo lets you plan your wedding by setting a specific budget to each category of wedding vendors to give you an apt estimate. Your celebrations are priceless and nothing should stop you from fulfilling them.

And now that you have a pretty good idea of how amazingly easy planning your wedding with Wedzo can be, look no further and download the free Wedzo app or just log onto Wedzo.in. Get started now and simplify your wedding!

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