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Gifting ideas For The Wedding Couple.

Your friends are getting married and your love and appreciation for them needs to obtain a tangible form now. Yes, I’m talking about the wedding gifts. You must not give them something really cheap while not going overboard either. You need it to be something they like which also shouts your name out. Tricky as it may seem, worry not. Here are five gifting ideas that should set you up just right!

The Memory Makers.

Bouquets might seem beautiful, but they don’t last long. Focus more on them making memories in their new life. Gift your friends a hanging hammock chair or maybe an elaborate collage frame for their wall and help them cherish those memories for a long time to come.
The Bookworms.

The pados wali aunty is gifting them a crockery set anyways so you don’t have to worry about that. If both of them have a mutual love for books, why not strengthen their bond by giving them something else to share? A classy book shelf is the perfect gift for such lovely couples. Throw in a few books that you know they’d love, and you’d be remembered for life.
The Old Schools.

Some people have a taste for refined things in life and often appreciate the lost charm through vintage artefacts. If your friends happen to be that classy, they deserve some touch of antique such as a working gramophone, a telephone with a big dial or maybe a grandfather clock. It’s all about adding flair to their collections that shall remind them of you.
The Move-in Experts.

So they’re starting their new life together and have been talking endlessly about setting up their new place but getting nowhere with it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could help the wedding couple get everything in order by employing a professional consultant for them? Not only will that let them ease into their new life and give more time to each other but also let them get their ideas streamlined. That’s a perfect gift for just about anyone!
The Quirk Perks.

So you’ve been friends with the couple for a long time and they have been victims to your antics earlier, maybe they’d have to take in one more. Run through the sex shops or order online and get them just about anything and everything that could make things awkward and interesting for them even when they’re all alone. Rest assured, they’re never forgetting you.
These are just five ideas that should make you a worthy guest and a memorable friend. Although with Wedzo, you could’ve just easily tapped into their Wish List and contributed to exactly what they desire. Let us know what else you could gift? We’d be waiting!

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