We all know that it isn’t easy to plan a party – be it any kind. Bachelorette parties are even tougher to plan because everyone must be drunk and that can only be ensured when the party is smooth flowing. How do you do that, you ask? The perfect combination of bachelorette party games and that extra personal touch blend together to make that party a HUUUUGE success!

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Bachelorette party themed games have to be naughty and get you drunk at the same time! That isn’t easy to pull off. Check out our game guide!

  • Plan A Scavenger Hunt

Ah yes, this is an all time favourite – the bride must complete the tasks on the scroll and if she’s unable to do so, she MUST drink a shot for every task left undone. Watching her complete it is more fun than you can imagine, trust us!


  • Carve That Cucumber

You probably already know where this is heading, it’s fairly simple! If you’re having a Bachelorette at home and want to give the alcohol a break, this game is perfect for you. Give a cucumber with a knife to each one and see who carves the best “tool”!


  • Bra-Pong!

Yes, this is beer-pong with a twist! Divide everyone into two teams and make them throw ping-pong balls into those bra cups (as shown below). Every time a teammate misses, the whole team must drink. The first team to complete their “bra-board” first, wins – this means there must be at least 1 ping-pong ball in each cup.


  • Drinking Games!!!!!


You can choose to play any of these drinking games!

  • Spin The Bottle

Put shots around in a circle and spin a bottle in the middle of the circle. Each person must take their own turn spinning and wherever the bottle-neck stops, they must drink that shot.


  • Drink If!

Divide this game into 4 rounds, with each round the alcohol gets stronger! Each person must drink if they fulfill the conditions mentioned in each round. There’s no escaping this one!


  • The Wheel of Doom

If you’re going out to a club for the bachelorette party, you HAVE to make a wheel of doom. Everyone must buy the bride a drink and what that drink will be, is dependent upon the wheel of doom! Every time she finishes her drink, she has to spin again.


  • Battleship with Shots

We’ve all played this fun board game in our childhood, but this time we step it up with shots instead of ships. Divide yourselves into two teams and each team must guess where the opponent’s battleship-shots are placed. Each time a shot is caught, someone from the team must consume it. The first team to sink all battleships, (i.e. make the opponent’s team consume all shots) WINS!


  • Quiz The Bride!

Design a quiz with questions about the groom that the bride must know and get him to answer the questions beforehand. Quiz the bride-to-be and see how many she gets right! For every wrong answer, she must drink a shot or chug her drink!


  • How Deep Is Your Love

This game is hands-down the most perverted game of the lot. But look at the bright side, it involves no drinking! Before the party, coat bananas in chocolate and put them on ice-cream sticks. Leave these chocolate-coated bananas to cool so that the drippy chocolate dries up. Give each person a stick turn by turn and see who can take the largest bite! It’s funny and yummy!



The whole point of a bachelorette party is to make the bride-to-be feel important. These little gestures will make the experience unforgettable for her!

  • Take a “Before” and “After” party picture of her.


  • Make blank badges that she can put titles on and give out to each one of her girlies!


  • Keep a framed chart paper with a lipstick handy to make the perfect “Kiss The Miss Goodbye” banner! Each one of you should leave a lip-stain with a small message for her. It looks adorable and freezes time in the same moment!



Do you know a lot of girlies who don’t like to drink? Use this easy method to get them drunk anyway (with their consent, of course)!


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