Indian Sweets That Are A Hit At Indian Weddings

There’s no doubt that Indian sweets are the torch bearers of any kind of wedding in the country. From hot Gulab Jamuns to round Boondi Laddoos – every sweet is special just like the occasion itself! So when you want to set the stage to bring the families together, you must always do it with delicious and fresh sweets.

Moreover, no one says to NO to “Shaadi Ki Mithai”. This is why the first thing that guests do – after sharing the pleasantries, of course – is head straight to the dessert counter at the venue to check out the lineup of sweets to appease their hunger and of course, sweet tooth!

Anyway – here are 7 popular and tasty wedding sweets that will certainly warm your heart and soul:

1. Jalebi

This twisty and topsy delicacy is a winner, alright? You can have a Jalebi the morning, or during lunchtime and even end the dinner with a piping hot serving of multiple Jalebis doused in sugary syrup! The best part is it can be eaten on-the-go, without hampering your daily “running around” during the wedding festivities. Just make sure you don’t drop the syrup on your fancy clothes!


2. Gulab Jamun

This is a perfect dinner dessert – don’t you think? This “mithai” is so versatile that it not only can be enjoyed as a standalone sweet but also be served with vanilla ice cream. Have Gulab Jamuns while they are steaming hot or savour them when cold – just relish this sweet dish. After all, Gulab Jamuns are the most widely eaten dessert at Indian weddings. Why should you be left behind?


3. Rasmalai

This delightful dish is not a popular choice at the weddings – but it still finds way in the menu in some ceremony or another. Made mostly of cream and sugar, this sweet can be savoured till the last slurp. It is best (actually ONLY) eaten when it is cold. Rasmalai has the power to satisfy the soul and give a brain freeze at the same time. So, watch out!

4. Kaju Katli

This dessert is one of the best choices for gifting guests who attend the marriage ceremonies. Placed in nicely wrapped baskets or boxes – you must have come across Kaju Katli on almost all occasions. The most amazing quality about this barfi is that it is sweet but not overwhelmingly so.

Perhaps, this is why it is relished by people from all age groups. Apart from this, it also makes an awesome accompaniment to Namkeen and Samosas. So the next time when you can’t think of any chai time snack, don’t fret! Kaju Katli won’t ever disappoint you or your guests!

5. Kulfi

Now this is a dessert that is loved by all in every corner of our country. This milky sweet dish is also considered the “original Indian ice cream”. Kulfi was famously popularized during the reign of Mughal emperors and even after centuries, the love for Kulfi has only grown exponentially! Made solely with milk and sweetened and garnished with saffron and pistachio, the contents are poured inside a metal cup to freeze to give the shape of an ice cream.

6. Kheer

What should you and your guests do after a long day of prayers, rituals and running around? Sit and enjoy a bowl of cold and creamy kheer! Yes. The sweet rice doused in milk and sugar and garnished with dry fruits, saffron and cardamom is an all-time favourite wedding dessert! Kheer is sure to bring much deserved calm and relief to anyone and everyone who has had a super hectic day managing the wedding ceremonies. What are your thoughts on this?


7. Boondi Laddoo

Yes! How can you forget that one Mithai which is always present during wedding festivities? Just like Kaju Katli, Boondi Laddoo also makes excellent return gifts for the guests. This dessert does not get easily spoiled and can be savoured while on-the-go. Apart from Boondi, other favourable options are Besan and coconut. So please remember to stuff your relatives’ mouth with this yummy, round sweet ball on all auspicious days!

Well – we can’t help but imagine eating all these sweet dishes after reading the blog. What about you? Which one is your favourite Mithai?

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