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Interesting Wedding Memorabilia To Wow Your Guests

We all want our special days to be remembered right? And what day is more special than your wedding? To create fun memories for your guests, you are obviously thinking of what kind of wedding memorabilia to give out by the end of the function.

Well, think about the sort of wedding memorabilia you yourself had to throw out (not without pangs of guilt) because they were neither pretty, nor useful in any way. So to prevent your guests from having the same pangs of guilt while doing the same to your wedding memorabilia, choose carefully.

Here are a few fun options to try out:

The chic journal

How about getting your guests really classy leather bound pocket books with matching pens? This is a memorabilia that they will always find handy. And every time they pull out the note book to jot down an address or a phone number, they will remember your wedding day.

Get the pocket books in shades of black or tan, with heavy, creamy pages inside to up the class factor. And on the inside of the front cover, have golden or silver lettering saying, “On our wedding day, (date), (Your names).”

wedding journals


The handmade coffee mugs

This is another great option, but it requires a couple of months’ planning in advance. Figure out your guest list well before the wedding so that you can get the perfect number of cups designed. Choose ceramic cups in white or pastel shades. Then, draw up like fifteen or twenty sets of designs for the cups. Then, get an artist to reproduce your designs on each of the cups, while also adding unique design elements to each.

Go crazy with the designs. And on the bottom of the cups, have your wedding message engraved. Pack the cups into pretty, polka dotted boxes tied with bright ribbon, and there! You’re all set to go!

wedding cups

The scrapbook

This is a wedding memorabilia that will work out only if you are planning on an intimate affair with only the people you are closest to, so that there is no formality associated with the gifts.

Hire a great photographer for your wedding, and after everything is over, go carefully through all the photographs and pick out the ones you like the best. Also, retain things from your wedding day for memories, like, the logo on the lid of your cake box, the flower you had pinned to your hair or collar, streamers from the venue, etc.

wedding scrapbook


Then proceed to make a really memorable scrapbook for the people who made your day special. Keep the original scrapbook for yourself, and get color-photocopies made for everyone else. Make fun and quirky covers, wrap with dotted paper and tie with bright ribbons and there you have it. The most memorable memorabilia ever!

The goody basket

This will also work out only if you do not have a crazy big guest list. How about gifting your guests homemade jams and preserves in absolutely pretty little glass jars? Go for seasonal berries for the jams and preserves, and get you family to help you make them to create fun memories together.

Make at least five different kinds of jams and preserves. Then purchase cute little glass jars with your wedding message engraved on the lids. Then decorate each jar with glass paints so that they are all bright and fun-looking and absolutely unique.

wedding jam jars

Also purchase little cane baskets, bright ribbons and red and white checked cloth. Then, put five or six jars of jam in each basket, cover prettily with the checked cloth, tie ribbons around the handles, and voila! The tastiest, most creative memorabilia ever.

So here were some fun wedding memorabilia ideas we had to share with you. Are you thinking of something you’d like us to know? Then share it us!

Go ahead and let your creativity loose!

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