There was a time when the term ‘high maintenance’ was only associated with women. Women were the ones who were splurging on branded clothes, best of the interiors for their house and many an expensive parlor sessions. With changing times and the evolution of the metrosexual man, the term ‘high maintenance’ can now be applied to men also.


If you are living with a high maintenance husband, here are the 10 traits that you could totally relate with and will find yourself nodding as you read along:

  • Looks ‘really’ matter to him!

These men do not like the notion that men are supposed to be tough and macho and it is the women who need to focus on their looks. Your high maintenance man will ensure that he looks picture perfect each day, even if it means more visits to the salon. Pedicures, manicures, facials and hair styling are all in his list and he ensures that he is well groomed at all times. So, you will always see him looking suave!


  • Only ‘premium’ restaurants are on his dining list

He likes to dine only in the best of the restaurants! He is also aware of the different cuisines of the world and knows about the best restaurant in town if he wants to eat sushi or a Mediterranean treat or the most authentic Chinese food.


  • Doesn’t like to get his hands dirty

Changing tyres of the car, cleaning the dog’s poop or even gardening.. not his cup of tea. He does not like a speck of dirt on his perfectly manicured hands and will ensure that they remain clean.


  • Demands for love, love and more love

He likes his partner to be demonstrative about her love for him. So, he revels in the fact that you answer his calls promptly, send him kisses and ‘I love you’ messages daily and express your love for him frequently. He needs this reassurance that you are there for him at all times and likes it if you make him feel special with an occasional gift, although the gift must suit his taste!


  • Only designer wear, please!

Your man is not satisfied with just any brand. He clearly knows what he is looking for when he gets dressed up and can find the difference between the fits of different brands. He is a brand loyalist and will not shop until he is completely sold out on the brand that he is purchasing. Non-luxury brands are a complete no-no!


  • ‘Fashionably late’ is cool

Your guy is no less than a celebrity in his habits, so he also likes to make a late (read grand) entry. He does not like to arrive first and then wait for everyone else. He would rather come a tad bit late and enjoy the attention when heads turn to look at him!


  • Likes his home, cars or any other space spic and span!

His obsession with cleanliness is not restricted to just his hands but it is a way of life for him. So, he does not like any space around him dirty. If it means that you cannot eat in his car or on his bed, then so be it.


  • Has the attention for detail for the best 5 star hotels

Your husband knows the best 5 star hotels in all holiday destinations. So much so, that he also knows the difference between a good 5 star hotel and an average one. He will make sure he gets into the finest details of living in the hotel before he books a stay for himself or his family.


  • Likes to always smell nice!

Perfumes and colognes are his buddies. He knows what perfume to pick for what occasion and you will always find him smelling nice and irresistible! He likes this feeling or being the ‘desired one’.. and you as the woman in his life are surely not complaining!


  • Occasionally throws a tantrum!

When your husband is such a high maintenance man, then a tantrum also comes as a part of the package. He may throw a random tantrum if he does not get bottled water at a place or sulk with you when he feels you are ignoring his calls and messages. A child at heart, your man needs you to be patient at these times.


(Blog by Shruti Thapar)

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