It’s the groom’s wedding too!!!

Whenever we talk about weddings and rituals, somehow we tend to sideline and in many cases, absolutely forget the groom. But one must not forget that it’s his big day as well. Here are five things that one should do to make a groom feel more of a partner than a sidekick.

1. A Grand Cosplay

You know how most brides love those romantic movies, right ? Well, most grooms love superheroes and wouldn’t miss a chance to be celebrated as one. Get friends from both sides to cosplay a character of their liking and let the fun indulgence begin.


2. Tune Up His Ride.

Good food isn’t the only way to a man’s heart, for it also resides in his motor-partner. Shower some love on his motor love and get him some of those accessories he’s been looking into for some time. Ask his friends, they’d know.

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3. Plan a day out/road trip.

Get the men from both sides to take a day off and bond over a short trip. A distraction from all the hustle-bustle would ease him out and refresh his mind.


4. Paint Ball.

A welcoming break from the formalities that the two families share, paint ball will let them shoot it out call-of-duty style. It’s every gamer guy’s dream come true. Almost.

5. A Real Bachelor Party.

Most guys have an idea what a bachelor party should look like, and yet they fail to get that one crazy night. So go ahead and make sure your groom is not on that list and gets to have all the fun you think he’d be missing out on after he’s hitched to you.


Get these five on the go and pamper the groom a little more. We’re sure that he’ll seem a lot more relaxed than you expect him to be on your big day.

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