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Junk that ‘Ghodi’ and make an entry-to- remember at your Wedding

There is this been-there- done-that feel to most weddings. Everything you see has already been done by someone, somewhere. Be it the decoration, the food, the dress…and most specially, the ride on a mare thing. That is:

1. A pain in the neck… Riding a horse, even if the horse is just walking, is not a very easy thing to do for the urban bloke and even more difficult with those in all the bridal finery.

2. A pain in the neck… You see, it is not exactly a fun ride for the horse either, what with walking down a noisy overly-bright street surrounded by people and more people who feverishly dance to some loud Bollywood tune playing by a loud and lousy brass band.

3. A pain in the neck… For the other people on the road who have nothing to do with your marriage. Face it! The horsepower of a horse is the slowest horsepower there is. So the baraat is going to choke the street and leave other people honking for what their lives are worth. Yes, you’re going to get abused a lot and have to face angry expressions!

But now that we have shot down the old-school route, we have to provide you some better alternatives as well.

No worries! Here are some fun and chic options you could opt for instead:

1. A good old Harley Davidson

Yeah. It does not get any hunkier than this. A Harley Davidson will put the ‘A’ in ‘awesome’ for your wedding. Just imagine entering on a beefy Harley Davidson. Plus, if you happen to like things quieter, it will also mean the you can scrap the whole baraat dancing behind you and stuff. The entry to your wedding can’t get any grander than this!

harley davidson

2. A decked up auto

This is really great for a retro theme wedding, if that’s what you are having. You know, kind of like the Mods/Rockers 60s phase of Britain Indianized with the decked up scooters being replaced by autos.

So get a shiny auto, poster it up with 50s through 80s Bollywood style movie posters of the bride and groom with some apt movie names such as ‘Dilwale’ or ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ and stick them all over in kitschy shapes like hearts and kisses. You can even deck the auto up with tiny lights.

Now that’s a creative entry for you! You could even have the bide sitting at the back while you drive the auto into the venue!

wedding auto 2

3. A vintage convertible car

If you are more on the glam side of things, then do go for this one. Again, IF you are on the glam side, you do not want a huge trailing baraat behind you. Get a shiny black or sparkly white convertible, gel up your hair and slick it back, don some classy retro clothes (Yeah, you have no idea what we’re talking about, isn’t it? Well, get a stylist who can give you the right look for that chic entry) and then drive in. You will be happy to see the mouths hanging open at your oh-so-debonair entry.

wedding vintage car

4. Go rustic with a tractor

Okay, this one is kick-ass. Just imagine the look on everyone’s face as you pull in on…a tractor! Seriously though. Do this only if you have the guts to pull a fast one on your wedding guests and don’t have the conventional orthodox family members coming in. But it’ll be such a hoot! Again, soup up your tractor. Get a bold shade of red or canary yellow touched up and glam it up with heart shaped balloons, flowers etc.

wedding tractor


5. Or get your own jazzy truck

Okay things are getting wilder. A truck is one of the most fun things you could do if you like noise and people. Well, on a truck you get to have a baraat while not freezing up the whole road! And it’s a real fun ride too. A shiny truck, some bright lights, open back, people in there dancing to 80s Bollywood songs…that’s going to be a fun trip to remember. Plus…it’s fast too.

wedding truck 2


6. Ride a bicycle maybe

Seriously. This is another fast one you could pull. Plus, make a point, environment-wise. Get a group of your energetic, enthusiastic friends and prove an eco-friendly point riding bicycles to your wedding. Make it count. Plus, you can do great accessorizing on your cycle with some halogen filled heart shaped balloons tied at the back.

wedding cycle

These cool options ain’t for the faint hearted. You have to have the right attitude to to make the desired impact with your uber cool entry into the wedding.

So go all out, let go of your inhibitions and be a trend setter at your wedding!

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