Everyone’s under the notion that the “suhaag raat” is all about having sex with your new hubby/wifey. Traditionally, that’s how it’s supposed to be. But we all know that after the Big Fat Indian Wedding, it’s hard to muster up the courage to get into the act. Break free from tradition and celebrate your wedding night differently.


1. Cosplay
Even though your outfits worn on pre-wedding and wedding functions are indirectly a form of cosplay, you don’t get to dress up as what you really would for a costume party. So why don’t you and your partner dress up as your favourite character on your wedding night as a mockery on the traditional wedding! If you want to, you can include your friends as well and make it a party! It could be a movie, fairytale or game character. Where you take it from there is none of our business.


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2. Bonfire and Jammies
Are you sick of posing for the camera on your wedding day? Does your face hurt from all the smiling? Are you getting all the attention in the world yet all you want to do is down some alcohol and chill with your friends? If that’s the case then we’re sure that a bonfire night in your jammies with you and your partner’s closest friends is all you need to unwind after all the wedding craziness!


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3. Game Night
You’ve already partied the Indian way, now it’s time to party the wild way. Grab your best buds and indulge in some mixology. You can play question-answer games to see how well you and your partner know each other. Divide everyone into two teams, his friends in his team and your friends in yours. Whoever gets an answer wrong will drag the entire team down with them – DRINK!! Let the drinking games begin!


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Still want to do the deed? Then don’t go the vanilla way, spice it up with some bondage. Ties, handcuffs, whips and floggers are the way to go. Google it, you’ll figure it all out. Pick a safe word so that you or your partner know when to stop. And don’t worry, you’re married now – you can make it as kinky as you want.


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5. Give Up and Sleep
We know you’re exhausted from all the festivities and heavy Indian clothes that you’ve had to wear all week. Indian weddings can be surprisingly tiring and you don’t know the level of exhaustion until you’ve experienced it. It’s not compulsory to do much on your wedding night. After all, you’ve already done so much through the day. Just relax and catch up with your lost sleep. Slip under the quilt and play a movie and you’ll be asleep before you know it. There’s no hurry to get it on, you do have the rest of your lives for everything else!


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