Men, don’t burn a hole in your pocket this Valentine’s Day.

By Arijit Roy

We all have heard that the romance sorta goes a little limp after some time in a relationship. And you believe it or not, your woman probably does. So here’s giving her that perfect Valentine’s Day date that she deserves and restore her faith in the hopeless romantic that you can choose to be sometimes.

Cook Her Meals.

Take your time and study up those simple recipes. Prepare her some tasty delicacies that you cannot go wrong with. I kid you not, she’d appreciate your effort a lot more than the taste. But that doesn’t mean you mess the taste up either. Work for it.

Handpick Her Attire.

It really is a task for her to pick the right clothes everyday and she’s doing it all to look pretty for you. Save her the trouble and do it yourself. Pick everything to the most minute detail you can think of. She’d love you even more.
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Handwritten Love Notes.

You love her and she needs to be told, everytime. So scatter your love throughout the house and maybe leave a couple of notes in her car as well.
That Old School Mixtape.

You have so many things to say and some songs just speak your heart out. Prepare her a playlist that would make her smile with each song giving her your warmth.
Prepare a Bath For Her.

Get those scented candles to set the mood, placement is the key. In case you happen to have a bath tub, rose petals and bath bombs never go wrong.

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Romantic Dinner for Two.

Prepare an ambience using dim lighting or candles. Presentation is important. Make her feel like royalty and serve her that good food and wine with classy jazz in the background.
The Classic Massage

She has worked all day and won’t mind that soothing foot massage and the much needed back rub. Take your time with her and the eventual avenues are endless.
I’d understand if you feel that Valentine’s Day is hyped and over the top celebrations are feeding the fad, but all these thoughts won’t matter when she smiles everytime you do something special for her that day. Go ahead, give her your tidal wave of love.

Diksha Bhandari

Diksha Bhandari

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