Wedding Trends You Must Try!

The wedding season is on and everyone wants to have the best celebrations on their big day. But won’t you want your wedding to stand out a bit? Worry not because here are a few wedding trends this year that you must try out to give your wedding some¬†extra edge!

Wedding Trailers.
When you shine like a star, your wedding should look no then a movie. And that’s what a wedding trailer makes your wedding look like by putting together the highlights of your celebrations and the magic your close ones bring in beautifully in a five minute clip for all to see and cherish for the rest of their lives!

Choreographed Entry.
You’ve seen your sisters, cousins and close friends enter their weddings in the same old track and a slow walk under the Phoolon Ki Chaadar. We’re not denying that’s it’s beautiful, but those who seek more from their wedding, a choreographed entry is your jam! Get all your close ones to enter your wedding dancing to your favorite tune while you glide in as the super fun bride dancing along with them. Now that’s something everyone would love and remember!
Dancing Bride Entry
Unconventional Wedding Invites.
So a wedding invitation that has a card within a box that contains either dry fruits or sweets is so mainstream. Think beyond and make your invitation a personal statement! Let your guests be the part of your fun side from the word go.
For the movie buff
Day Weddings.
Green lawns with beautifully decorated canopies and a whole lot of celebrations are turning out to be the choice this year for Indian couples. Day weddings are just too much fun and everyone gets to wear those shades just fine!
Alternate Jewellery.
More and more brides are opting for alternate jewellery such as gota and floral. The gold jewellery may have all the lustre in the world but is slowly losing appeal amongst the edgier brides.


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