Planning a Wedding, Are We?

It’s the wedding season and everyone is part of at least one of those grand celebrations. But what all does one need to take care of when planning a wedding? Let’s see.

The Invitations.
Your wedding celebrations start the second your invitation reaches your prospective guests. Your invite speaks for the two of you and the fun you’re offering at the ceremonies. And hence, you must choose an interesting wedding invitation designer to get exactly what you need to get this celebration started!

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The Venues.
The grace of an Indian wedding is reflected first by the venue itself. Be it a hotel, banquet hall or a palace, every venue has a charm of its own and thus should be chosen very carefully for each ceremony.

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The Decor.
Decor is the first thing your guests will see when they get to the venue. Your wedding decor represents your happiness for all to see. So many decor vendors have come up with such interesting themes that it really becomes a challenge to finalize just one for your wedding.


The Photographers.
Weddings have so many magical moments that deserve to be cherished forever. And that’s exactly what wedding photographers help you with by capturing those subtle gestures, the candid looks and everything that makes your day so much more special.

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The Choreographers.
We’ve all grown up watching Bollywood movies and hence it only makes sense that our weddings have the song and dance routine! But just as all them stars need professionals, so would you because marriage is one long couple dance after all.


The Caterers.
No matter what you remember from a wedding you’ve been to, you can never forget the food they offered. For a country that runs on taste buds, caterers are your magicians. Global cuisines to desi chat, we want it all and they’re happy to serve!


Cakes & Sweets.
No celebration is complete without a cake and the baking geniuses have a way to melt hearts with their visual presentations in addition to the amazing taste. Make sure you get the cakes that have those guests coming back for more again and again.


Bridal Wear.
Need we tell you how particular you gotta be regarding your bridal outfit? You want everything perfect and it all begins here. The colours, the fabric, the accessories to be coupled along, it takes a lot of planning and that selection process needs you to be in your comfort zone. Remember, you’re making the decision of your lifetime.


Mehendi Artists.
The mehendi has been a part of the indian wedding rituals since forever and as the years have passed, the designs and renditions have also evolved. And since these bridal articulations keep getting better with time, you must choose an amazing mehendi artist to help you get an impression that lasts a lifetime.

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The Hairstylists.
You’ve got the best hair in the world but that wouldn’t mean anything if they don’t reflect that fact on your wedding day and those flowy locks too need proper attention. Trust your hairstylists and let them turn you into a Disney princess.


Makeup Artists.
We can’t stress enough on how important this one person can turn out to be. The wedding makeup needs to be attractive enough to stand out as well as subtle enough to maintain grace and that’s not an easy task to accomplish. Make sure you get this one just right.


Grooms Wear.
Men have four types of clothes and that’s almost all they’d ever need. But their wedding is not the day they get to be a regular guy. Get your man to be the prince who deserves to have a queen like you by getting him to choose amongst the best grooms wear designs and be an absolute delight to stand beside on your big day!

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The DJ.
They all wanna dance their hearts out to your celebration but somebody’s gotta get that music going and this when you’re wedding DJ wouldn’t disappoint. Chart busters from the old days to new ones get every age group on the dance floor. Isn’t that what celebrations are about?


The Planners.
If the movie Band Baja Baarat hasn’t enthralled you already, we assure you the real life wedding planners will. They’d help you have the wedding of your dreams while they slog for it all so that you don’t have to stress over anything at all. Lifesavers? Agreed.


Planning a wedding isn’t always as fun as the ceremonies finally turn out to be and only good intentions aren’t enough really. Amazing weddings need carefully handpicked vendors. At Wedzo, you can easily choose from an array of catalogued vendors in each category from across the country. Planning a wedding made easy, right? Log on to Wedzo.in or just download the free Wedzo app now and simplify your wedding!

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