Six Types Of Jewellery Our Brides Can Rock This Wedding Season.


It’s the wedding season! The Indian Bridal look is never complete without the jewellery. Don’t panic ladies, we have the perfect jewellery suggestions that would complement your gorgeous bridal couture. Before you start shopping for your bridal jewellery, Let’s get on with the jewellery that’s timeless.


Kundan is the purest form of gold, It is a highly refined form of 24 carat gold. Hence, it’s quite expensive but worth it! Assorted precious and semi precious stones  as well as gems are used in this jewellery to make it look magical. Kundankari reached Rajasthan from Delhi during the Mughal period, and we assure you Kundan Jewellery will make you feel royal on your wedding day.

Kundan 2 Kundan 3 Kundan 1


Polki Jewellery is made of unfinished natural diamonds. It’s an uncut diamond, mined from the earth without any lab enhancement. Polki gives a natural yet majestic look and would complete your attire, making you feel extraordinary.

Polki 3 Polki 4 Polki 2 Polki 1

And look at this beautiful Polki Nath!

 Polki 5


Meenakari jewellery is for those who like bright and colorful jewellery! In this kind, precious stones are set before enamelling them with heat resistant colors like red, yellow, blue, white and green. The most famous designs among meenakari jewellery are of peacocks, flowers or fish. Often, Kundan has meenakari on its reverse side, making it wearable from both the sides. Meenakari is a delicate craft that looks brilliant, worn.

Meenakari 3 Meenakari 2 Meenakari 1


Jadau jewellery is also called engraved jewellery. In this type, different kinds of gems like ruby, diamond, sapphire, emerald, pearl etc are embedded in melted gold with Polki as a centre stone to give the piece a stunning look and design.

Jadau 1 Jadau 2


This kind of jewellery was used to decorate the idols, gods and godesses in temples. Traditional temple jewellery is made of finest gold and embedded with several precious stones and gems. So ladies, Go ahead and look like godesses on your wedding day!

Temple 1 Temple 3 Temple 2


I’m pretty sure every lady knows about this one! Sure you can never have too much of diamonds ever. So ladies, SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND on your wedding day. Bedazzle yourself, you deserve it!

Diamond 2 Diamond 3 Diamond 1

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