Our Wedding Chapter 2

Super Awesome Ways To Make Your Bridal Entrance!

A wedding is a super celebration and just like all celebrations demand, this one too deserves an opening with a bang. Therefore, the wedding bride’s entry becomes an important event in itself to focus upon. Hence, here are some fun ways to make an entrance and make sure they have enough to talk about for some years to come.

The Palanquin.

The original conventional Indian bridal entry wherein the bride is carried in a palanquin supported by men definitely gives you a royal treatment. you enter your wedding like the queen you truly are. Isn’t that all you want?
Pallanquin Entry 2

Pallanquin Entry 1
The Little Messenger.

Everyone loves cute little things at weddings, especially kids dressed in beautiful ethnic wear, carrying placards for your entry. Would anyone ever get over that cuteness? We think not.
Messenger Entry
My Daddy Strongest.

Who’s your best man in the world? Of course your dad! So why would you trust anyone else walking you down the aisle when he’s got your back? Instead, do it better and get him to ride you to the mandap and make an emotional yet amazing statement!
Dad Entry 2

Dad Entry 1
The Bridesquad.

Your girlies know you inside out and have had your back since forever. So it makes sense of they do that for you one more time. The bridesquad can be pretty fantastic when you’re making a dynamic entry.
Bridesmaids entry 2
The Boatman.

You know what’s a really cool way to make those heads turn? An entry by the boat to the mandap surely is something people will remember you by. Pretty cool, literally.
Water Entry
Guard Of Honour.

You’re definitely the most important person at your wedding and therefore a Guard of Honour is absolutely due. Couple it up with some fireworks if you want and see how well it turns out to be!
Guard Of Honor 1

Guard Of Honor 2
The Dancing Bride.

It’s your wedding! Why depend on others to make your entry interesting? We’re Bollywood lovers and if you can pull it off, dance your way in and become a legend for everyone to follow!
Dancing Bride Entry
The Ride-In.

Take them wheels head on and ride your way in for all to see. You’d be an instant badass and a super inspiration. You could do this with your bridesquad, your groom riding with you or maybe ride side by side!

Bridesmaids entry 3


two wheeler Bride 3

So many ways to make that perfect entrance. It all comes down to your preferences. Let us know how you’d wanna make a statement at your wedding!

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