Super Easy Hacks To Get Rich And Dark Mehendi On Your Wedding.

How important is it for you to get the darker mehendi results on your wedding? Yes! We know the answer. Every Indian bride wishes for her mehendi to turn out dark and pretty, after all a super-duper loving husband is all that she wants and deserves. Check out these super easy hacks to get the darker mehendi results.

1. Wash Your Hands.

  • Before you sit down for the mehendi session, make sure your hands are clean and dirt free. We suggest wash your hands properly with soap and get rid of all the dirt and oil. Don’t apply any moisturizer or lotion after washing hands, they hinder the better results.

2. Rub Eucalyptus Oil

  • Apply eucalyptus oil all over the area where you are getting your mehendi designed – feet, palms and arms. This oil extracts the richness of henna and brings out the best results.



3. Let It Dry

  • Don’t be impatient and start rubbing the mehendi off your hands as soon as it dries. You need to leave it for good 10-12 hours for better results.



4. Dab Lemon and Sugar Syrup

  • After the henna dries, take a ball of cotton, dip it in the lemon-sugar syrup and apply it on the mehendi. Keep dabbing after regular intervals but make sure not more than 2-3 times, otherwise the henna would turn out dark brownish.


5. Clove Steam For Better Results

  • The easiest yet most effective hack is the clove steam. Put the tawa on stove, heat 6-7 cloves on it and then run your hands lemon-sugar rinsed hands over the tawa. As long as you can bare the heat hold there, as the henna dries up, you are done.


6. No Water Contact

  • Water is your enemy for next 12-14 hours. After the clove heat you can scrape the henna off or let it dry over-night, but don’t wash your hands.


7. Balm The Palms

  • As soon as you rub the henna off your hands apply balm or Vicks. Their heat producing tendencies bring out the rich colours.


8. Nooooo Blow Drying

  • In order to dry up the mehendi fast, don’t even think of blow drying your hands. It’s won’t do any good, instead would lead to thawing of henna and spoil the design.

9. Waxing is a *Wrong Idea*

  • NO SHAVING, NO WAXING, no hair removal trial at all. It scrapes off the upper layer of the skin in the wake of which the colour is ruined and design is spoiled. We advise you to get done with it all before the mehendi ceremony.


10. Rub Hands

  • After the henna is scraped off your hands and you don’t have any balm or Vicks at home, you shall not dishearten. We suggest you to keep rubbing your hands as long as you can. This would produce heat which stimulates the colour enrichment and hence, produce rich mehendi colour.
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