The 5 trousseau essentials a bride must have!

A bride already has so many things to look after and you’d have no idea what might pop up just when everything seems to be going smooth. Keeping all that rush in mind, let’s help the bride out and list the five trousseau essentials she must have, lest she forgets.

1. The High Heels and Ethnic Flats.

The high heels provide just the right pinch of confidence that every bride deserves for her big evening and beyond. While the heels are perfect for few other occasions, the ethnic flats are the comparatively more comfortable option that they must keep for everyday functions.




2. Indian Attires.

You know she’ll need them now more than ever for the first few months when she meets just about everyone who’s a part of her new family. Having a few pre decided options would surely help.

3. Indo-Western Clutches

Those vibrant, classy bags and shiny clutches aren’t gonna work with that nice ethnic attire you got. Subtle solid colors would work just fine with almost everything.

4. Unconventional jewellery

You don’t want the bride to look like every other bride, her jewellery shouldn’t look like any other either. A signature ring with some semi precious stones or a paper quilled necklace would help her create that special lasting impression.

5. Classy lingerie

Now that the bride has taken care of her new family by the day, she gets to have the groom all to herself by the end. And a nice lingerie is just the kind of spice he deserves. They both do.

Get these five essentials right, and everything else should fall in order as the time goes by. Rest assured, the bride shall remain grateful. At least for some time.

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