Have you ever sat down with your parents and watched a recording of their entire wedding video that felt never-ending? At first, it’s nice to watch your old man marry the most beautiful woman you know but who likes to watch the same movie over and over again?

We’re sure that every kid has gone through that phase of admiration turned into bittersweet torture with every time the almost-eight-hour-long video is replayed.

What’s the alternative, you wonder? A wedding Trailer, of course!

Lately we’ve been coming across these very cute wedding videos that are approximately 3 to 5 minutes long, portraying the couple’s love for each other. These videos include adorable stories as told by close friends and relatives, the couple describing how they met, how they feel about each other along with small clips capturing pure glee from their wedding functions. All of this comes together to make magic, perfectly woven into an adorable expression of love.


Now let us tell you why to opt for a Wedding Trailer:

  • For starters, you and your friends don’t have to watch those eight hours worth of footage to relive your wedding.
  • The friends who did, unfortunately miss out of your wedding shouldn’t miss out on the fun. All you gotta do is send them your Wedding Trailer and they’ll at least be able to get a taste of your celebrations.
  • It makes your story look like a fairytale – with you playing the princess and your hubby being your knight in shining armour.
  • It adds that personal touch and the world sees your relationship through your lens with the filter of your choice on it. 😉
  • Gone are the days when you sift through photo albums for memories. Okay fine, do that for the elders, do this for yourself! GET THAT VIDEO!
  • If you wish to, you can add small clips of your close family talking about your big fat Indian wedding and your adorable relationship. It becomes a fun way to make it a family affair.


Still not convinced? All you have to do is watch this super-duper cute Wedding Trailer of Mitali and Ali starring Pantu, Mitali’s doggo!


“The happiness starts within them and radiates to everyone surrounding them. The excitement began with an intimate haldi function, a beautiful engagement by the beach leading to an arabic themed mehendi at night. Next day were the pheras followed by a rocking sangeet evening that no-one remembers! Last day started with a power packed holi party and a lovely reception at night! It was three days, but they were a blur to us because the entire team had such a good time shooting!
There was so much energy and fun and love all around! So just turn up the volume and watch these two crazies get married! Don’t miss Mitali’s bridal entry on the bike with Pantu & Ali’s excitement at being married to the love of his life!” – WeddingNama

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